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This thread is over 4 years old, stop bringing up old shit. /thread

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i have no donation money but i'll buy some shit when it's ready to be tested. I could also be available for logo/brand design once i get photoshop again (if you need someone for that)

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par ends are best ends

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if you could check the clearance on the forks i'd be interested; text me if know 4134644168

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baaaaamp forgot to mention it has to be 9t

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this ^

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watermelon odyssey bars+forks. Bars are cut 1/2 on each side I believe and have some shoulder scratches (i used them)

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>all bearings are generic >"don't buy it" inb4 can't greentext on vital

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that first picture is amazing :o

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if you're willing to wait I can make a detailed tie-dye how-to since (not to sound braggadocios) im pretty good at it and will be dyeing some shirts later in the week, so i can take pictures and stuff

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anything, as long as it's flangeless and really soft.

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martial arts / xbox

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more pics pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase

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Sunday doesn't care if you paint stuff. It used to say on their warranty page (I don't see it anymore) that they've yet to see a part break because it was painted, so they're cool with it. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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thanks everyone, i'll let ya know when i get it. Unfortunately, i just got more snow, so it might be a while