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New thread Wethepeople Royal VS Premium 1948 6/18/2016 1:21 AM

I need new cranks and I'm choosing between the Premium 1948 and Wethepeople Royal. I was thinking about Eclat Onyx' also but they only have them in 24mm which means I'd have to get a new BB and sprocket. I've heard good things about both so I don't know ... more »

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New thread 2015 street edit 10/22/2015 9:17 AM

Wanted to put out at least one edit this year,so I put this together


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Reply to wheel help 1/7/2015 12:33 PM

That's not what I meant,but I found the answer I needed. Thanks for the reply

New thread wheel help 1/7/2015 1:51 AM

So,I just laced my wheel and started wondering if I shoud have laced it the opposite way(like it was before)? I know this is a stupid question,but does it matter? Thanks.

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New thread Barspins 10/8/2013 1:20 AM

How do I stop my front foot from lifting up on barspins?!??

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Reply to help on barspins! 6/3/2013 9:34 AM

they are getting better ! thanks !

Reply to help on barspins! 6/2/2013 11:16 AM

Thanks,ill try !

Reply to help on barspins! 6/2/2013 10:01 AM

I did,but no help

New thread help on barspins! 6/2/2013 5:12 AM

I just can't get my catch hand down (in front of the seat) on barspins,I learned them like last summer but i still cant get that hand down! its annoying because i cant really catch them well... this is what i mean,its an old pic and i'm doing them a

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