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okay dude best song, what is it called ?????

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he's not going to be able to hang with the big dogs like Hoang tran.

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Shoots at 10:40
At exactly 02:34 mins into the video nigel is about to hop over smith to feeble hard 180 out of it.
I like the shift in people you see, during the day street riding is filled with busy people and time schedules, but at night the streets calmed down a bit, the weather is calm and cool. Pretty much the shift for me is work time to play time, day and night for me

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yaya! stephans got the gnarlyestwall ride, nd that slow mo action was dirtyyyy

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Over do it
#2. Downside Whip on the flat bank! only because i just learned them and am currently a junkie 4 them haha yaya
#3. I always make sure i bring my home boy Alan and a pouch of tools alil green for some food i pod and flat visor boston hat rep new england all day also a mind set to push myself to dominate everywhere i GOOO!

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Street in ME

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