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I had the same problems with Vans and pretty much any other shoes, I guess BMX just eats shoes. Check for shoes 2nd hand and just ride them as long as they last. I picked up several pairs in good condition for 5-10€ a pair in 2nd hand stores and flea ... more »

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I’ve experienced the same thing a lot and found two things that helped me. 1. Take some time off or at least when you’re not riding, don’t hang around on Bmx forums or watch videos, do something else, some other hobby you’ve got. There’s a big chance ... more »

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The Stolen Loot are pretty long, soft and stretchy. Stranger quan are also long but I’ve never tried them.

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Wow, that was fucking great, both riding and filming/editing! Also it’s refreshing to see someone riding the streets without all the classic street rider fashion!

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One challenge could be “explain so that the VitalBMX forum members understand that you’re not asking for -eat challenges while holding a manual” That’s gotta be worth a shit load of points!

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"Have you ever heard a girl choose tires based on rotational weight over color? Didn't think so." Come on dudes, do better. If the culture persists that "girls" only historically care about color over quality, the scene will persist with a lack of diversity and culture. These are simple things that Vital has the...more

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Funny/sad but true! For some reason it seems like a lot of BMX riders have the same experience of dating girls like an average 13 year old boy!

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The Fuse shin guards, whip-something are great with some protection on the inside of the shin/calves as well!

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Is that the Bone Deth vibrator seat or are there othwr leopard seats? It looks gorgeous!

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It’s pretty childish to sit and complain about some cool old school tricks are “dead” and how Logan Martin is only doing video games tricks and lack style. If we want cool tricks to not die we should just go out and bring them back to life by doing them! ... more »

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All this stuff about buying new parts with different geometry to make it easier to do certain tricks is pretty much nonsense. You’ll get used to prettt much what ever you’re riding and half an inch more or less on the bars won’t have a very big impact ... more »

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My local park just got one of these old school bowls, steep as heck with very little transition and this old school pool coping that’s sticking out quite a lot. How the f*ck do you air one of these things? When the tires hit the coping it really sends ... more »

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What he said! ⬆️ Just keep riding and focus on the fun stuff!

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Helmet = street smart

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One little trick that makes the pull up bar a lot easier is doing it to fakie on a super mellow bank. That way, if you don't catch the bars you won't loop out or fall, you just stop. Go up the bank at slow speed and do the pull up bar when right before ... more »

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Congratulations! I'm still struggling with this. I threw a few in the foam pit a few months back but never got the courage to throw them on the concrete. Any suggestions how to gain confidence for this trick?

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Jay Dalton and Ellie Chew!

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Stay strong, get clean and you'll be an even stronger person when you're done! Best of luck to you!

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One thing that helped me with 180 (and some other tricks to) was to change the projection of the trick. I couldn't carve and bunny hop front wheel first and then spin around, I just did the both "wheels at the same time"-shity kind of hop and never landed ... more »