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Kyle Baldock
Nick Bruce
Pat Casey
Marcus Christopher
Larry Edgar
Dennis Enarson
Brandon Loupos
Logan Martin
Rim Nakamura
Kevin Peraza
Daniel Sandoval
Jose Torres

these are the guys who can solve this in 10 seconds if they unite and take the side of the woman...

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You know you’re a spoiled kid with no real problems when you have the time and energy to hate the color of another persons bike.

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I rode the Eastern Throttle on mtb dirt jump bike with rigid fork for 2 years with no problem and some heavy flat landings. It’s kind of scary to see that some stems seem to just snap off.

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Vraket is a folk punk artist who also rides BMX!

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I guess a helmet would be a good help if you don’t wanna crack your skull!

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I see your point when it comes to competing and that’s a difficult issue I think. But you might as well argue that this society is way too populated with ignorant rednecks considering how much shit trans peppar, gay people and women often needs to take. ... more »

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It’s sick to see the progression of the girls and just to see girls riding really, no matter what level! I’ve seen some unknown girls in parks in Germany kill it as well! About the transgender issue, that’s a way more complicated issue than some guys ... more »

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I did both for a while but had to stop because I couldn’t afford to keep two bikes in shape. I miss the MTB (NS Suburban), especially when riding trails/dirt jumps or rough street spots because the bigger wheels really smooth things out!

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Don’t be stupid and get some fucking bar ends! As earlier mentioned the ones that come with Odi Longneck is good!

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Start with oppo 90 to fakie over hips and oppo airs in QPs and try to include them in your runs and they’ll soon feel normal to you. That’ll help you get rid of the super unnatural feeling of spinning oppo.

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That’s nonsense! I love pussy and people who drive within the speed limit are awesome because they kill fewer innocent people! And warranty is pretty great because you can get your broken part replaced when you ride your ass off and break it, can’t really ... more »

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Try doing it up a mellow bank, like pull up bar to fakie. That way, if you pull it just before you stop it’s a lot easier to pull the front end up and it’s almost impossible to loop out backwards going uphill!

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Don’t take your brakes off just because “everyone” else rides without them and there’s plenty of riders doing whips and barspins with brakes, without a gyro. If you try riding brakeless and have more fun than with brakes you should keep them off.

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“Why do people ride this big stupid 9”+ bars?!” “Why do people ride brakes, you don’t need brakes to stop!?” “Why do people wear those stupid skinny/baggy jeans!?” People like different things, get over it!

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I had the same problems with Vans and pretty much any other shoes, I guess BMX just eats shoes. Check for shoes 2nd hand and just ride them as long as they last. I picked up several pairs in good condition for 5-10€ a pair in 2nd hand stores and flea ... more »

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I’ve experienced the same thing a lot and found two things that helped me. 1. Take some time off or at least when you’re not riding, don’t hang around on Bmx forums or watch videos, do something else, some other hobby you’ve got. There’s a big chance ... more »

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The Stolen Loot are pretty long, soft and stretchy. Stranger quan are also long but I’ve never tried them.

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Wow, that was fucking great, both riding and filming/editing! Also it’s refreshing to see someone riding the streets without all the classic street rider fashion!

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One challenge could be “explain so that the VitalBMX forum members understand that you’re not asking for -eat challenges while holding a manual” That’s gotta be worth a shit load of points!