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It's a bitter pill to swallow when the prices of the frames go up, luckily BMX is still really cheap compared to so many other sports or hobbies. I really hope it stays that way too!

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If you don't already do, work out, do yoga/movement workouts or run! See this period of time as something you can use to get better and don't waste it by scrolling your life away or win on Netflix!

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This is porn!

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This! I've had smaller back problems for about 10 years which disappeared to never come back when I started doing simple yoga routines (10-15 minutes) every morning, about 9 years ago. Amazing how something so simple get have such a huge benefit on the ... more »

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Is Steve back yet? Felix seems about 100 times more stable and mature so hopefully he'll be able to stay on earth and keep killing it!

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I love Treys riding and like how he seems to get shit happening! But one thing I didn't get is how he one the one hand talks about being so passionate about BMX and on the other says he'll never be able to film an edit when he's 35! I mean, eat some ... more »

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I too find that argument about it not being the best riders a bit weird for two reasons, one being the one you just mentioned. The other is that it's the fucking Olympics and not just a BMX contest, it's the same for every sport that's in it! Each country ... more »

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Jealousy and comparing BMX to other sports are bothering me a bit. So often I see people bitch about how expensive a BMX is compared to a skateboard, all though compared to other bikes, hockey gear, golf gear or what ever it's so fucking cheap and it ... more »

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Of course, crack a beer, watch Logan Martin and Hannah Roberts win and then go ride! I hope Nick Bruce wins though but is anyone gonna be able to beat Logan?

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Totally, traveling is such an amazing way to experience and learn stuff about the world and your self! And if you're fortunate enough to have a specific purpose, like riding BMX in new parks/spots, you have a good chance to get in contact with lots of ... more »

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Damn it would be hilarious to see someone burn a flag on the podium though!

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As a father of two girls, please teach them to take in all the information and not just read the first the post in a thread before making up their mind, maybe you'll learn something yourself along the way!

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I think more BMX riders will do the same thing in the near future. There's way more money in MTB, MTB is fun as hell and the community seems to have a very positive and open minded attitude towards all sorts of bikes.

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The sprocket looks fine!

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and coming out is not at all for attention. I cant be happy or be with the person i love until i come out. corey knows he can inspire and help other gay riders. you need to shut the fuck up if you are straight about lgbt issues, you cannot speak on OUR issues, and you cannot make decisions for us. now be...more

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This is the most trash thing I've ever read on this site. Framing queer identity as an inherent "risky lifestyle" because of AIDS is like saying being old is an inherent "risky lifestyle" because of COVID. You're a fucking dumbass. Delete yourself.

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a22-mentioning Beringer-if I recall correctly, he came out publicly after he was no longer in the main spotlight of BMX-that is the big difference. His friends and family knew, but it was not really anything public until his phone-in podcast a few years back. This is a big deal in that Corey is one of the...more

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Don't be lazy, don't be stupid, don't cut corners! Do the work and stay on the bike for many more years!

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This! Some or the steeziest riders are goofy footed! don't let what's considered "normal" get in your way for just keep on shredding!