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If you run longer cranks, you could try something shorter. I've hardly slipped a pedal since going to 160 mm. Karate teacher always said my stance was too deep, guess he was right.

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Some of our local parks have prefab ramps, and staff told me they're insurance / warranties won't cover BMX. After a few years, they stopped caring. Ride it till they kick you out, then come back for more.

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My short answer would be that 1/2" in bar height makes little difference, you'll get used to either height quickly. More important for bar selection is the upsweep and backsweep, as that affects wrist comfort or strain, so look at that before you buy.

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I do pull ups when my back starts acting up. Starting with dead hangs to loosen up, it helps to change the grip width and hand facing to find the right hold for a problem area. Just hang out for a bit and try to relax while the muscles stretch, then ... more »

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Good to hear, but also take it easy. What kind of rehab they got you doing?

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Eskimojay, you've said a lot of ignorant shit in this thread, but every time I come back you've outdone yourself. Good luck with that. Props to Spongeworthy and others for staying civil in the face of this nonsense.

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I always sleep like shit, but the older get the more I depend on a good diet, regular workouts, and like boozer said, water. This is after surviving college on ramen, skittles, and beer.

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I haven't seen anything about Covid from Greta, but I did watch a few of those "doctors". I'm not a fan of censoring the debate, but they deserve all the ridicule they've gotten,and most should have their licenses revoked (those that still have licenses). ... more »

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This threw me a bit when I upgraded too, but most drivers are 9 tooth now instead of the old 16 tooth so the ratios are different. There's also more crank sizes and tire diameters if you get into gear-inches, but the gear ratios should be enough. 45:16 ... more »

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I'm with BSG on the ankle stuff. I can't stand wearing clunky high tops or ankle guards. I'd rather have the freedom of movement and suffer the occasional bruise, even after riding 40 years and getting older. I am in the market for a helmet, maybe some ... more »

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I don't want to debate the stupidity of our response to Covid vs the stupidity of no response here. I'll just say that with reasonable distancing, anything outdoors is way safer than anything indoors from a virus standpoint. Having roommates might change ... more »

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In order to get the same strength top / down tubes, a hi-ten tube would need thicker walls and add a lot of weight, like the mid school 40 lb bikes. They are trading a tiny bit of weld strength at the dissimilar materials for a much more rideable bike. ... more »

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I'll third the flatland bike. You'll get better geometry and components, 18" wheeled bikes are mostly for kids. Good luck finding one at a local shop though...

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Shorter stem would shift your weight further back on the bike, but won't really change your posture or back strain much. If your weight is too much on the front wheel and you want to shift it, go for it. If your back hurts, hit the gym. Also, moving ... more »

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People shit on brakes. They shit on brakeless. They shit on freecoasters and cassettes. They shit on taller or longer or shorter bars, backends, and top tubes. They shit on raw frames and pink bikes. They shit on anything they can find to throw shit ... more »

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Flatland *competition* riding has gotten stale with all the spinning, kind of a consequence of the small stage format. But it's no more stale than the smith-feeble-180 on every ledge, or another 360 stair drop. Like the "real BMX" category for street, ... more »

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If the bike is still comfortable for you, you don't really need to change anything for street or park riding - just go ride. That said, here's what I would consider... I'd seat the rear wheel as far back in the dropout as I could. I like a short backend, ... more »

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Like others have said, spokes will squeak when the wheel is new and they are bedding in, or when they are loose. Sounds to me like you've got them pretty loose. If you can flex them easily with your fingers, hit 'em all with a spoke wrench, quarter turn ... more »

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Get lots of b-roll, in high def and slow motion. Running up stairs is good, get it from multiple angles, especially if you aren't doing stairs. Or rails. If you accidentally shoot something in portrait, use it anyway - soccer moms love that stuff. If ... more »

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I thought the same when I saw "carbon fiber seat post"