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So i posted a thread about a weird noise coming from my cranks. When im standing on the ground and pedaling it, it doesnt make any noise. when i stand up on the bike and pedal, i can hear a tiny dinking noise and i can also feel it. someone told me to ... more »

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When i'm pedaling , I can feel/ hear something on my cranks i think. This bike is about 4 days old. Like its just a tiny bump every time i pedal. When i go really fast, It doesn't make the noise. When i pedal really slowly, i can hear it alot. i can't ... more »

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Work out? like pushups?

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So i'm a newbie to bmx.. I can Lift my front wheel , Lift my back wheel.. i cant do a bunnyhop though. theres an object.. i can lift my front wheel over it.. then lift my back wheel over it. Someone told me to like 'combine' them in mid air and ill get ... more »

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I ordered a Stolen Casino 2011 on danscomp last week. I just started bmx. i just got what i could afford. Is this bike good? It's coming on tuesday. Please tell me the pro's and con's

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