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If you can make it into Austin, go to Empire bmx. I'm from Canada and do all my orders from there. you can even try to contact them if you can't make it in, and get some advice. But order from them for sure. Tom, tina and the cru are awesome and I'm ... more »

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3 bmx Mutiny lucky strike 14" cs slammed and a 74.5 ht angle w 33mm offset forks. It's my grocery bike now. S&M ATF 13.6" cs 75 ht angle w 32mm offset forks. It's the newest and my favorite. 2007 wtp addict. I don't use anymore.

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Im from Hamilton, and there's a few spots around here that I know of. Theres probably a ton that I don't know of. Never ridden in TO. There's always joyride150 if your into that scene. I hear it's huge, lots of space so it's never over crowded.

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I would get the federal out of the 2. But I ride brakes so......ya. However, I think my next frame will by a bonedeth bstrd. It looks badass! Love the dropouts.

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My bro has them and likes them. He's only been on them for a month and they're still super grippy, he hasn't lost any tread yet. I personally think they look dope. They're reasonably priced, Id say try em out.

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On my mutiny, I have a backstreet fa laced to an alienation 7up. It's a good rim, hasn't let me down yet. The hub is quality as well, I have zero complaints. (no grinds yet tho) I just finished building a up an ATF. Sick af! Wheels are a bsd frontstreet ... more »

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So I work w a dude who's into mtb. He's building up some dj's, and I'm thinking about trying them out. He says they're too big for bmx, I won't get enough speed, but we will see. (never tried before, i only take calculated risks, so if its possible i ... more »

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Ahhh! Never thought of that. Damn. I just bought a bsd. ($65) plus $25 a piece for guards. I thought I'd look like poser with 2 hub guards, 1 peg. Kinda sounds dirty, no? 2 guards, 1 peg. Or maybe peg farts? 'you know what I like the most. Peg farts!' ... more »

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I considered it. I have never ran 2 pegs up front and wasn't sure if I'd like it. It seems like a waste if you're not grinding both sides up front. But ya, it's beefy as hell. Chu grind, Chu get. Salrite? Salrite.

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I have a fa backstreet on my mutiny and love it. I would have gotten the male axle but this is working great. I just got my new wheels from Empire. So so sick. Bsd front street, and a cult match laced to xodus rims. The front street is my new fav front. ... more »

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Lol. No doubt. But 8.25" might be too short. I'll give it some thought for sure tho.

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I've only ever had 1 deg upsweep. What did you have before? I may have to test out the waters a bit. I'm thinking bout some deadman bars, 3deg upsweep.

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I have v1 wands, I like em. But they got rid of the cutout at the legs/steerer tube junction. I would assume the v3 are even better. Just bought bonedeth bottom feeders. The dropouts look dope! 90's baby!!!! If you want something you won't have to worry ... more »

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Someone posted a pic in the bikecheck section of an old schwinn, (I think), and I started to picture some 50 yo dude popping flat whips and hang nothing's and such. I laughed so hard, but really, if someone were to be pulling off tricks on it, they would ... more »

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Topsey, I hope you get to ride again soon. Just keep trying to stay positive, no need to dwell on things we can't change. I'm 33. From 13 to 28 i didnt ride, wish I had tho. Life does not slow down! Sometimes I feel like I've lost my mind still trying ... more »

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First, I think it's good they have an option like this. Having the same options repeated gets old. It's nice to have an in between. Second, I recently purchased an ATF. It seems legit. I think I would have also considered the hucker frame too. The btm ... more »

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Cheers Topsey. Thanks for the info. I'm getting too old for injuries, hope yours are only minor. I think I'm gonna try some out. I imagine they cause a little less damage too. I'm also getting to old to deal with vandalizing charges. Lol

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Dope bike. I think it looks good with the tanwalls. I'm really digging four piece bars lately. Im working on an ATF of my own, and I can't wait to put it to use. Cheers to your steed sir!

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Love the color scheme. Very classy! White walls on chrome work too. I was never too sure bout that. Dope build sir, round of applause from my camp.

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Two ways to go about this: 1) baby steps --> try out 8.5"s, and move up slightly if it still feels small. 2) go big or go home --> grab some 9"s and dial it back if their too big. ***you can also flip your tl to if the 9's too big*** Personally, ... more »