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Can you explain the pinching your cranks. Pic? Thanks

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I am struggling with barspins a bit and I think it may be because my seat post is so low and I have no stability. Should I buy a long seat post so I can "hold" the seat with my legs when doing a hop bar and not have the bike out of control? thanks

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gotta see it to believe it coach, but nice

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I like the idea of poles

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i run snafu gyro setup with a mono lever

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yeah, that I tried that but will get it another try haha. Thanks man.

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So I haven't biked in like a year and decided to put my BMX together today and ride. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get my chain around my cog and sprocket when I put my back wheel on. Could somebody please tell when what I do, do ... more »

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whats up man, i heaven't been in California for 2+ years now but I will tell you some stuff I remember. I actually didn't ride in SF that much but when I did the scene was always crazy and the locals always chill; so I don't really remember the names of any of the parks but there is a park like every 10 minutes (at least in the part of SF that I rode). What I did was I took the train places (I think it was like san trans train but there is a big station in SF near the pier. Tickets aren't to expensive but I was so young when I rode the train that I never bought tickets with my friends and the ticket checker didn't kick us off because we were young. The train connects to a bunch of other places with good street and parks. If you get off at the menlo stop, there is a park right across the street from where you get off that is not usually packed and, in my opinion, is a pretty good ride for a couple hours. Moreover, there is a 7-eleven and stuff right next to the skatepark so you can keep riding (cops occasionally kick you out if you don't have a helmet). If you bike like 10 min from that skatepark you can get to Stanford campus where there is a plethora of street sports, gaps, etc. that you will probably recognize from web edits (i have seen the verde team and kevin kiraley riding this area a couple times) and, once again, locals are cool and nobody kicks you out from anything. All ledges, etc. are waxed and you can easily go all day there. If you keep biking another 10-20 min you get a bowl in this place called greer. Throughout your biking from menlo to greer you go through malls and little towns where you can get food and shit. cali is a dope scene i miss it there. comment if you have any more questions i know a good amount of spots in SF's surrounding area but that being said, you could probably just ride around SF for a little bit and find some streets spots.

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hey what up man - I'm new to SF but I saw you mentioned there's a lot of places to ride -- could you maybe list like 5-10 cool spots/parks? I'm not very good, but i brought my bike out here hoping to have chances to ride but I just don't know where to go!

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so much style

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so basically 1. go at it like you normally would at just case it 2. repeat until you are comfortable and not scared 3. give it your all

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you can listen to music and get pumped up... that always gives you an adrenaline boost. But what I would do when I was learning to bunny hop up high stuff and stair sets is just go at it at what I felt was the appropriate speed and I would obviously ... more »

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the end is crazy

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shit. i love his creativity on the rail

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brakeless just feels good

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i can hop 3 times higher, spin 3 times higher, etc. SUCH A GOOD FEELING Stripped-top-bolt-on-fork

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So just jam in a BIGGER allen wrench and once it is stuck take the compression bolt off????????????????????????????

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how do i do it with a drill

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it came off a fork that came with this complete - Fit STR Signature Edwin Delarosa. (so does anybody know if the TREE H10 will work??)