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dont talk game on clips if you dont race man.

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Plain put my favorite rider on hoffman is Mark Potoczny. Being htat I am a PA resident and live a half hour from pittsburgh. I got to hang around the Square one guys alot before they had to shut down the whole Square one company. Mark is one of the nicest riders ive ever met. If you just knock on his front door and ask him to ride hed be out on his back woods trails with you in a heart beat. I got a chance to talk to him for a bit at the Aitken trail jam back in november and he was the chillest and niccest person ive really ever talked to in the pro riding world. Even on his bad days he has a smile on his face and he keeps going. He may not throw the coolest and biggest tricks but he may have one of the smoothest and sickest trail riding styles that ive seen. Even when hes out riding street and the skatepark he still tears it up with out throwin a single frontflip or double tailwhip 360 nonsense. Hes not out to be the greatest, hes just out there to ride his bike and have the greatest time possible. O and he keeps the PA woods and pittsburgh seen oone of the most popular riding scenes today.

_ and obviously mat hoffman is a fav, because of all he has accomplished and been through. Starting out with a small business plan to make bike parts and t shirts and having it turn into one of the biggest Bmx bike companies in the world to me would be my greatest accomplishment ever. I look up to him so much because of that. Being that im still 16 i am trying to get my own little business and company going being that the only shop and skatepark in my town has closed and there is nothing. Now someday hoping to have my own bike shop and clothing company that is known throughout the Bmx community. And my home community. And because hoffman has like the record for most bones borken and other injuries which still havent stopped him from riding his bike and still shredding!

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its moved to november 8th

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as you all know he was in the hospital from a crash and has a wicked bill cause health insurance companies dont like to help us riders out. it will be a mark potoczny's house just click the link for all the info -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... more ยป

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Profile. nuf said. or primo hollowbites, i had them for a while until that bike got stolen.

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im getting the forward frame.

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so the nose manual is sick shit
and the toothpick and handplant: sick shit.
is wish i could nose manual like that

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i think it will be a nice video.

i think we should all just get along

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KINK.. plain put i have a few friends that got stolen completes and whe through three of the same frames. one was the heist, and the other was a sinner

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Yeah I am so glad that I went with the mankind frame over all the others it rides so smooth and has been great.

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glad to see that there are other guys out there riding mankind frames.

my kingdom frame has held up like a dream.

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dont carve off the lip it makes your spin slower and you will land off center or miss the landing. And look back at your seat when you spin.

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dude i have that frame!!!

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ive had bad expiriences with animal products for example (piece of shit vinnie lite sprocket.) so id say shadow but the s&m, kink, profile and fit beat both of those

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i have kamikazees myself (first generation ones) but i agree witht the other two