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I'm bored, so I decide to check Vital and what do I see? A bunch of idiots making fun of some guy. Damn, if you have such a big problem with his threads, take it up with an Admin. Don't make countless threads berating the guy. Wanna know how you're a ... more »

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Otterboxes work pretty well, plus the warranty

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Not even an edit, but the Mutiny Heli Cam - Mutiny makes the best edits. Faaact!

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@Roqfan I'm loving the stem! I don't do pedal grinds very often nowadays. But I was riding with some guys who all had pegs before I got mine, so I was doing those to keep up. Won't be doing that many anymore so I'll probably stick to plastic

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So I'm in the need for some new peddles. Whenever I spin my right foot comes off because of peddle grinds ): I'm thinking of grabbing the new Animals, any thoughts?

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The Nigel is pivotal, and I love mine. So I'd go with that

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Should have asked for a badge or something, that's what I do everytime someone claims to be a cop. I was walking home one time and me and some other guys were getting water at the golf course when some old guys told us to shut up. We yelled back and ... more »

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I actually live in Ithaca, where FBM was founded. And I ride with some guys that actually know the people over at FBM, and they all say it's going down /:

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I come back to check this website, and you guys are assholes. I don't like the idea, but you don't see me being a complete dick to the guy. Hating on people for your amusement is a little pathetic.

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No one rocks that jock shit? I love BMX and it's my life, but goddamn elite's are so comfy

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I love riding with friends. Rode with guys waaay better then me today. They all gave me advice and were happy when i got my line. Even though they could do it in their sleep. You need some new friends /:

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Insult girls, it may seem like they like to be complimented but it's really the opposite! On-Topic: As long as you like it it'll be fine!

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Maybe like two kickers and a box? You could make a few different combinations and put a coping on the box.

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I know how you feel!! I could only do Indians but now I can do both, 180s literly feel 10x better!

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RICE will deffinatly help, and ankle braces might help in the future. But they're mainly for sprains.

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Because I've been riding brakeless almost the entire time I've riden.

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So I'm going to Cranx Bike Park, and it requires brakes. I got myself a shitty front brake setup, and I have some questions. I ride Mt Bikes and as long as you're smart with them you won't go flying over your handlebars. It's the same thing with BMX right? ... more »

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Hell yah!

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Unlike most people, the only reason I'd hate scooters is if they're assholes. But I'm like that with everyone. If they don't damage the trails and do their part in building them, it's fine! I find it so incredibly stupid that people will blindly hate ... more »

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Dammit my bad!