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Hang fives and nose manuals are fucking evil and conceived by the likes of Satan himself. Just kidding, but I think the longest nose manual I ever got was around 2 parking spaces but I haven't gotten even close in YEARS. Now with hang fives those go ... more »

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can you put the pawls in the other way? sometimes the drivers allow that but I wouldn't know why that happened. They should atleast send you a new driver or something. Also, that hub is pure trash. I had it and it was literally the worst hub ever. Slipped ... more »

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Love Black Flag. My dad actually hung with the guy from Black Flag that is a vegetarian in Philidelphia back in the day. haha My dad worked at a vegetarian restaurant and they chilled a few times. Pretty cool. My dad had a record or magazine signed by ... more »

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He won't pay a dime, he will probably spend a couple months in jail and be fine after that, sucks for him but if he gets a decent lawyer he will probably just get parole or probation or something. He is in jail currently I think. I do think it sucks ... more »

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I don't like doing them with brakes, they piss me off since I crack my finger on the lever. I can do them decently brakeless. Plus I like my brakes dialed in pretty well so I'd HAVE to have a gyro to make it work right. I do not like the lever catching ... more »

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I am usually stuck riding alone lately, but I've grown really tired of riding alone and stuff so I feel where you're coming from. It's super boring riding street alone, I can speak for that for sure. I hate riding street alone because I think of like ... more »

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I'm pretty much the same way honestly, i have a clean bike and I prefer to keep it pretty clean. Partially because chrome looks bad dirty and partially because I don't like making my car's trunk all dirty. I finally finished my parkiest build ever and ... more »

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I bought my first car that I still have now for 1500$ cash. It is a Monte Carlo z34 1997. I love this car tbh, especially for the deal it was! I don't buy cars to put money into them but I do try to make it drive better if I can afford it. I bought a ... more »

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I bought a killabee from a friend for 80$ and its pretty nice tbh. I bought it as sort of an experiment since my frame before that was super trailsy in comparison. I prefer the lower seattubes mainly, I wish they would make more frames like that. It'd ... more »

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20.7 is good for me, always felt comfy and have a nice short backend and steep headtube with a low standover. But as long as a frame has a nice low standover and steeper headtube, it usually works fine. I recently went from a 13.75 backend to a 12.8 ... more »

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I have seen how Will crankflips. He would definitely do it no problem. My ankles would be pure dust if I jumped that thing though.

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Interested in those chrome hazards!! text me 304- five five nine five 8 one zero

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The completes are insane this year! Fit has a Park complete, cool as fuck, some dirt completes and a few other companies varied their completes from the standard "street and whatever else" bike. For me, I was stoked to see a Ti Grim Reaper. Personally ... more »

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BMX shouldn't really be good when you scramble your brain chemistry. When you take something like LSD, shrooms, or any other psychedelic drugs, it scrambles the senses causing connections that aren't really there. Now I'm not here to get into the whole ... more »

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Lemme know if that Dagger goes on sale

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Is there anything wrong with the Fly Frame?

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Do you know how old the frame is?

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Still got that s4 frame?

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Still have the mosh stem?

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Where is that red frame with the low stand over? I needs that.