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So you left Hawaii 7 years ago? 2002, that's when I left there to head back to the states. My dad was a Navy officer and retired in 2001, we were stationed there at the time. That's awesome you are going back there. I knew so many riders and progressed the most when I lived there and everything about Hawaii is just... awesome.

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12/11/2008 1:44 AM

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9 because i want new cranks and pedals

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Mediocre BMX

This is probably the only non short tour DOD installation with no skatepark, but luckily Spain has something to ride in almost every little town.

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Good to see another military rider on Vital! Stationed in Spain? Must be nice... When I joined I pretty much joined to see if I could get over there and ride. But it's all good over here, met a great girl I may end up marrying. We'll see.

The base has a good concrete park so I can't complain.

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Foster with the Cyclecraft gear this year

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hey man, good to see you still at it. Shit has really changed over the years huh smile Keep shreddin brother

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odyssey makes a 13t

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Mediocre BMX

too bad i would still ride a Holmes

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its spelled poseur. sounds like 1 millions kkids i grew up around

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gnar seat bro i got the same one in red

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your the first person from the UK that didnt say holiday. just an observation sir. good day

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i am from orlando but not there now. hopefully will be there this winter