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save money and get alloy nipples. If you have the right size park tools wrench you won't have an issue. totally worth it IMO. That's all I ride and I keep my spokes tight too

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The bill perry grips were really nice (comfy) but mine throttled pretty easily. worth a shot tho

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email and see if they'll give you free shipping or something if you buy one of their frames

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you know what they say buy nice or buy twice. If you were just going to be riding flatland or something low stress you might be able to get away with the cheaper bike, but for actually jump tricks and street riding it may be worth it to spend a little ... more »

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make sure it's not upside down

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see if there are any riders that catch your eye and get the bike/brand they are repping

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Sick video, loving the frame it came with :D ..... the road fools 1 and 2 were friggin sweet to watch

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I'd plan to spend some time riding in the parking garage and learning flatland tricks. Ground Rules DVD is how to get started:

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Once the initial swelling subsides you can use heat to increase bloodflow and quicken the healing process. Applying ice is only essential in the first 3 days max.

Added a comment about video Darryl Tocco Retires from Professional Riding 1/17/2018 11:42 PM

great riding, been a fan for years, best wishes on your next chapter

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Dub this was amazing

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The full cab pros are amazing. Didn’t even know they existed until my pro flatlander friend picked up a pair

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What’s so bad about a gooey sticky grip? Some of us run the odi soft compound grips bc of the sweat problem. To be honest, you should try them out and see how they feel!

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Yeah so $hitty how the master pin loosens and backs off over time. I cant recommend this to chain to anyone due to this issue—bluebird chain takes the cake.

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Ha nice man good editing and video. You are pretty enjoyable to watch with your commentary and all. Hope you keep progressing!

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Stanley Goldman memorial park might do it for you in Hollywood

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Yep I’m one of the dedicated flatland only riders. I ride pro, my name is Dax. It’s the best, especially if you have someone else to ride with

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Upgraded the flat Bike with 9” S&M Intrikat bars, ODI soft compound longnecks, and 2 Ares 1.75” tires (pumped to 125psi). Rides legit now!

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If you get vans make sure it is one of the “pro” model vans with more cushioning and durability. Even to walk in the pro model blows the base model away