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The Comeback - Diamondback
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It is pretty legit! wow compaired to my tenspeed from my aunt this is way better!LOL

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Both are good but I'd say odyssey as they produce some of the best products and many people here including me are in agreement that they make some of, if not the best parts in BMX at the moment.

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mr.misfit's Kink
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2018 Fly Proton
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2018 Fly Proton
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mr.misfit's Kink

thats a nice colourway dude

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i've seen someone talk about this before, but there are a lot of really good riders that are unsponsored/unnoticed. by that i mean no sponsor and no recognition from any pros or companies, because i've seen people who are 'underrated', but have sponsors ... more »

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i can bar flat, and i can do very sketchy 180 bars flat...but cant a 360 flat without doing a 180 pivot

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Kuntsform BMX Shop also have a configurator, check it out:

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i don't really watch any channels anymore, but i can name a few: spencer foresman, scotty cranmer, Chance Brejnakowski. dig bmx, our bmx, all the actual bmx company channels, alfredo mancuso, billy perry, jay dalton.

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i get that, and running the two together is something i would not recommend, but unless i'm taking it wrong i'm seeing people here who seem angry over people who like/dislike the different clamping sizes and i just wanted to share my opinion on that. ... more »

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i will never understand the 22.2 vs 25.4 beef, maybe ones better than another, maybe its down to proper installation and maybe some stories people tell are lies or are truth, but why care? just ride what you want to ride.

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lighter bars may help you but a lot of barspinning like the rest of bmx is mostly technique and commitment, so even if you get lighter bars, you would still need to work on the actual technique of barspins, so lighter wouldn't necessarily help you 100 ... more »

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A few days ago after slipping out on an attempt at a pedal feeble, i got my first frame dent on my downtube. it was only small and i don't really care that much about it as the frame still runs fine. i've seen people riding with quite large dents in ... more »

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i'd most likely do the same if i was in your position, but having no local shop means i have to use mail order and i prefer smaller shops there.

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it felt amazing to pull off man, i was so happy

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i actually do agree with the personality thing. some peoples personality and the way they act with friends and stuff can really get me pumped to ride if i watch a bmx youtube video, even if the riding isn't top notch.

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no the bb shouldn't change anything as the bearings wouldn't be any wider or thinner when they're inside the frame. you need some spindle spacers in 19mm

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all of those brands are good brands, and subrosa isn't a non popular brand, i would just guess maybe other shops chose to order more stuff from other brands.