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Been really busy doing many other things. Lance and I went riding the other day and I brought my camara along. Thought I would add some new photo's. As of right now, we have zero frames. Totally out of Moonlite's. Will have more soon pending on money

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The new updated sprockets are now in DansComp. We have many sizes, 2 new colors, new lazer etching, and new machine work on the backside of the sprocket. We are waiting on the next batch of the frames to go to the powder coater. We just have to decide ... more »

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Swarner Park. In Shawnee Kansas

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Just was trying a little Fuf on the Sub at the Autumn Ramp Park AKA The Bridge in Joplin. Been trying a damn Fuf on that sub for awhile. Landed back in a few times but was never to my liking. Finally got a shot of a somewhat good one. But slipped off

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Move somewhere with tons of parks. Here in KC we have about 30 Skate-Parks. Most of them concrete and a few indoor parks.