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The one time i will never forget riding my bike was when i was visiting my sis in jersey city and got to go to the brooklyn banks for the first time. I remember rolling up to the many kids enjoying what i had wanted to experience for so long. I met some really cool kids from long island and we all rode like deadmen then i got a flat, the chill kids i had just met brought me to tyrone williams shop,Then helped me fix my tire, after that we rode, we rode all through the city and eventually went back to the banks. when we got there we saw tyrone williams getting filmed by discovery channel, i think, so we talked to a filmer and they wanted to film us, this was amazing to me,we all signed releases and started throwing our tricks for the camera. This was the greatest and most memorable day for me, ive never had so much fun or been so sore from riding in my life.

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