The Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Hughes, Sylvester and Main

FATBMX ran an article on their site and asked a few riders to list their Good, Bad and Ugly things of the year 2010. Harry Main, Nigel Sylvester and Chris Hughes were part of it. Here are their lists:

Nigel Sylvester:

The Good:
1. New Music
2. Nike ID mavrk mid 2
3. Iphone and Ipad
4. New Skate plazas in NYC
5. God blessed me

The Bad:
1. Brooklyn Banks closing
2. Losing my barber

3. Those bread sticks from Papa Johns in Astoria, Queens

The Ugly:
1. Falling off a roof in Cali


Harry Main:

The Good:
1. My Ankle Healing up well!
2. Australia!
3. X-games invite (even though I got injured and couldn't make it, I was honored!)
4. Pulling The Bunnyhop Flair
5. Got some more tatts!

The Bad:
1. Snapped my Ankle. Most the year out.
2. Snapped my finger the day I got the all clear from my ankle haha!
3. 2010. (April onwards)

The Ugly:
1. Injuries!


Chris Hughes:

The Good:
1. The first good thing was becoming sponsored by Mirraco. That was beyond a dream come true. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Hughes, Sylvester and Main
2. Second was winning best trick at the jomo pro and bringing home a new Harley.
3. Third was going on a trip to france with my girl and all my best friends to ride Fise that was so much fun.
4. Fourth was making it out of open qualifying at Dew tour.
5. Fifth was winning my first pro contest at Wicked jam!

The Bad:
1. I almost got stabbed in the throat with a broken heineken bottle by a guy in France for no reason at all.
2. Messed up in Portland for both my Dew tour runs and was no longer high enough in the ranking to continue competing in the tour. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly with Hughes, Sylvester and Main
3. My friend Josh Perry having a brain tumor.

The Ugly:
1. That stupid techno song "The Americano" or whatever it's called. I hate that song!

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