Hey what's up everybody! So I've done a bunch of things in the last few weeks. I would have kept everybody updated but my Mac computer crashed. Lucky for me I had it for a year and one day so when I went to the Apple store they were real cool about it and I got it back 10 days later so here I go! So like I said before I was in Tahiti for 10 days. We finished off with a sweet demo, it was real sick! Ryan Guettler did a double flip on the small box jump, I triple whipped it and Josh Boatright pulled his first flair on a quarter pipe. All went well.

I went home to Florida a few days later then 2 days after that on Saturday the 27th I had an event at The Jupiter Skatepark in West Palm Florida. There was no contest at all, I just wanted to have a good time with a bunch of the guys that always ride there. But the special treat was I got to hook everybody up with a bunch of awesome gear, just for the Heck of it :-)!
Monster zip up Jackets, Bell Helmets, Shirts, Hats, Nike Shirts, Ballpark Shirts and Ballpark even got somebody to come out and cook us up a bunch of Hotdongs. Ton's of stickers, everybody got everything HA HA HA. I left with about 5 empty boxes and then I had a raffle for a Mirraco Bike. The kid was sooo stoked! The event went awesome, can't wait to do it again.



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