A. Street spots:

1. Brooklyn banks

[LINK TO IMAGE]2. Southbank

3. Hubba ledge

4. L.A. loading dock

5. Queens double kink rail

B. Music (Top songs or artist):

1. Jay-z

[LINK TO IMAGE]2. James Brown

3. Kanye West


5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

C. People to ride with:

1. Too many to name so I'm going to say the WHOLE SQUAD you know who you are. FEEL MEEEEE

[LINK TO IMAGE]2. Glenn PP aka G Money

3. L.A. white tee crew

4. Mark Losey

5. Lance Armstrong

D. BMX Videos:

1. Any Animal bike production

[LINK TO IMAGE]2. Turbulence

3. Left right

4. Road fools

5. Most Shook videos

E. Companies that keep you looking fresh:

1. Mirra CO

mco-nigel-ny-5.jpg2. Nike

3. Animal Bikes

4. LRG

5. New Era


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