[LINK TO IMAGE]So this was the last stop of the AST dew tour in 07 the end of a great season. I Had some goals coming into it but I didn't think I would ever meet them. The dream goals were to End up in top 3 overall and get trick of the week. The realistic goals were to end up top ten and Get nominated for trick of the week.

THEY WERE successful HA HA HA.

[LINK TO IMAGE]I was going in to Orlando Excited but nervous. The first day of practice was amazing after that I was just having a great time, excited about the start of prelims, I found my lines and put it together in Prelims to qualify 2nd. To add to this Orlando stop besides this pretty much being my Home town Jim Ford from Mirraco was there supporting and he helped a lot with the support !!!

[LINK TO IMAGE]The day of finals I was feeling great. Right when I got there I had some things to do in practice and I pulled a 1080 in practice 2nd try I was so stoked, I was ready for finals when they came I waited for my song (make it rain) to get louder I dropped in and pretty much did the run I wanted, I was sitting in first till Daniel went (the guy right after me) ha ha.

Second run I tried to up it and I pulled the same run but with no faults plus a 720 whip and a double whip. My score only went up like half a point but I was just sooo stoked.

[LINK TO IMAGE]Other Highlights Ryan Guettler pulled the first 1080 ever on dirt and Mirra pulled a 3flip nohander perfect !!! in the contest.

This is my first rookie year I got to get 2nd place overall and trick of the year its like a dream right now I am so stoked NOBODY CAN Ever understand !!!

Mike Spinner

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