[LINK TO IMAGE]Hey everyone. Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple of weeks. A lot of cool stuff has been going on. Let me tell ya. So, where do I start. Let's go back to Orlando. To be totally honest, I really wasn't psyched to go to Orlando for the last stop. After Salt Lake, I really lost a lot of motivation because that was the deciding contest where I would most likely end up in year end points.

Anyway, I flew down on Friday which is last minute for me but I kinda like the limited practice . I had no time to waste in practice which meant get right to business. Qualifying was so - so but by Sunday I was glad I went and I had very little pressure. This contest was for my pleasure not for points or any other b.s. you tend to stress yourself out at these events. My first run in the finals was pretty tame and I said to myself just do a safe run. It was funny because when I watched it on tv Robbie Floyd just kept going on and on about how lost I was . It was exactly what I wanted but pretty close. Oh well. My second run I started with a flair whip and landed just a little too low and slid out. Bummer. Then I proceed to pull a perfect no handed 360 flip. Finally. I finished out the run but just wanted to ride so after my run I did a flair whip and nailed it too good. Day late dollar short.

All in all I was glad I went and had a great time. There have been times when I've wanted to run and hide, but in the end, standing face to face with your fears is sometimes more rewarding than having the best contest of your life.

The recently went to Albany, new york for two days of private rally lessons with legend John Buffum. What a trip. Vermont sports brought an all wheel drive Subaru wrx for me to drive and get prepared for my first race over thanksgiving weekend. It's always been my dream to basically have a license to drive how ever you want. Growing up in Syracuse, ny winters got pretty gnarly and I was always out driving in the snow learning how to slide around. Rally is amazing and the techniques you learn to control the car is really cool because I never thought it was that technical. Cool stuff and I'll let you know how it goes.

Talk to ya soon.



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