[LINK TO IMAGE]Well last minute I found out about the flow contest in Ohio. I drove up there with my friend from Woodward Andy Alverez. Got up there a day before so we can just ride the skatepark. I have to say I did like it alot. Everything was pretty cool; box jumps, quarters everywhere a big wall ride, wedges the whole 9 yards. The contest started on Saturday with the Am contest. When I got there I realized they had a Mirraco booth there with a bunch of bikes set up. Everybody that checked out any of the bikes knew they wanted one too. Getting back to the riding. More than half of those guys should have been in the pro class. They were all doing the big gaps, spins and whips. I think it was mad dog who did a 360 backflip over the box that was nuttttts! Sunday came. Everybody was so excited. Crazy stuff was going to go down. Here’s the list of things I remember.

[LINK TO IMAGE]Zack Warden double whipping both ways, Ron Thomas doing flair tucks,flair turndown to x up and 3 tuck to bar, Matt Sparks with trick of the night doing the biggest flair ever across the skatepark and many attempts at his famous whip to whip back. Garret Reynolds; every ramp he hit was nuts but he pulled 720 truck and wallride to truck to fakie. Nick Bonner doing some smooth double trucks straight to 270 suicide no handers, Jared was doing the best bunnyhop stuff ever; bunnyhop 540’s into wedges and 3whipped off of a ledge. Whitesnake pulled the cleanest 360 double downside whip and flip whipped a box that had tranny on both sides and nosepick whipped the slanted wall. Craig Mass almost pulling wall ride to double whip, Zack Gerber doing a front flip off of the craziest thing he could have done it off of. Me (Mike spinner) 5whiped, 3 double whipped the spine and 9d the quarter.

1st Garret Reynolds
2nd Mike Spinner
3rd Joey white snake
Best trick: Matt Sparks; crazy flair

I’m really happy I came to this contest. Got to ride a good skatepark met up with a bunch of my friends from everywhere and made a bunch of new friends. From Ohio I went with Ron Thomas to go to Michigan to hang there for a few days go check out The Albe’s store, go ride some new parks and have Thanksgiving there. I head back to Woodward Friday.

-Mike Spinner

Pics by Albe’s (thanks!)


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