This past Sunday I took a wreak that has temporarily halted my BMX riding and progression, I took a wreak that chipped 2 teeth, 23 stitches in my head, black eye, and road rash. and i got up and was just so pissed that i didn't land what i was doing i had done the rail hop a shit ton of times but this one time i just wreaked and i was having an off day and just ate pavement, since the wreak I've had a lot of time to find what i want to do in life and I'm so passionate about BMX and art and Ive been to art college and just thought why not combine both I want to become an illustrator for BMX company and design stuff for them like tees and logos and just little things i wouldn't mind pay being low I just know that since I've re evaluated my life and goals that this is achievable and that its what I want to do, This blog was just for me to ramble and just talk so if you read it thanks for reading.

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