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Reply to YouTube BMX? 6/29/2020 8:14 AM

Competitions only matter in the sense to prove that your brand exists, it doesn't really matter who wins. All that people care about nowdays is what Instagram clips/ edits riders make. Just the way I see it

Reply to Ugh dropouts 6/29/2020 8:10 AM

How much is a brand new frame where you're from? €300 for a mongoose is ridiculous

Reply to Ugh dropouts 6/29/2020 2:24 AM

I think it's time for a new frame before a new wheel

Reply to Stranger ballast frame, tomorrow colourway 6/29/2020 2:22 AM

Yeah you're right, I'll try doing that. Hopefully I get an answer

Reply to Installing wtp pathfinder sprocket on odyssey thunderbolt+ cranks 6/28/2020 4:17 PM

Pretty sure you're meant to put that little washer in there

Reply to what does BSD stand for? 1/16/2020 1:11 PM

What's the answer then, I'd love to know

Reply to I can't barspin anymore 12/1/2019 2:36 PM

I learnt barspins through pull up bars. Then I couldn't do them for two months and finally today I managed to get myself to do them again using the same method and then ended up falling and dislocating my finger. Hopefully in a week's time I don't have ... more »

Reply to Best pic 12/1/2019 2:11 PM

Back in the summer doing an oppo hip

Reply to Help with choosing a freecoaster 8/7/2019 1:58 PM

I'll do that, thanks for the advice!

Reply to Help with choosing a freecoaster 8/6/2019 1:58 PM

I don't have the money for that

Reply to Help with choosing a freecoaster 8/6/2019 1:55 PM

I maintain it, it started doing this and I took it apart and regreased everything and maintained it and it kept doing it so it might be the ball bearing?

Reply to Help with choosing a freecoaster 8/6/2019 1:54 PM

I'm honestly not sure if it's a problem of engagement or random disengagement. Basically I go to pedal forwards and there's a lot more slack than there should be so I guess it won't engage properly?

Reply to 2012 fiend build 8/4/2019 3:49 PM

That bike looks so good so far, good job!!

Reply to 33 year old fat guy looking for his first bmx lol 8/4/2019 3:47 PM

That bike should do you just fine, go for it

Reply to 2012 fiend build 8/2/2019 4:16 PM

That is such a sick idea for the hub with the sticker! I might try something like that myself

Reply to Need help lifting my back tire for bunny hop HELP 2/1/2019 1:09 AM

My gf had a similar problem, I told to do like a nose dive at the peak which made her actually hop with the front end and then the back end. She just needs to practice it a bit more and she should be bunny hopping normally. So when you bring your front ... more »

Reply to 10" bars on a 19" frame? 5/13/2018 2:38 PM

I meant 2 inches because this dude called grumpy Steve replied to me saying that i wont be able to hop higher than 2 inches off the ground without hitting my chest

so that was directed at him lmao, my hops aren't too bad tbh. But thank you! ... more »
Reply to 10" bars on a 19" frame? 5/13/2018 2:21 PM

Actually the back pain stopped quite fast. Like i got these bars 3 days ago and now I feel really good overall. I think i might go for a bigger frame some time in the future though. I was about to post a bike check anyway but here's a photo

... more »
Reply to 10" bars on a 19" frame? 5/13/2018 3:34 AM

I got the BSD raider bars and they're perfect! It makes everything so much easier and i have more control on my bike and my bunny hops are higher than 2" off the ground and the bars don't hit my chest

Reply to Do a 360! Can you Flair? Do a wheelie! 5/9/2018 3:26 PM

Same bro, and then these lil scooter shits do a whip on their scooter so I say "okay so try it on my bike" and they basically shit themselves. Its quite funny tbh. Most of them can't even bunny hop on a bmx bike. Its definitely funny to watch lol