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Yeah, it seems availability of parts will be your main hindrance. However, if you shop used (maybe thru the "for sale" area here) you could still build something up.

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There's a happy medium between light and strong and that is also affected by one's pocketbook. Light is nice but not at the expense of strength. & while titanium parts are strong, there's a valid argument about their ability to have catastrophic ... more »

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I'm not riding in these temps.... but they are supposed to be "warmer" today.

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I wouldn't dump any real money into it other than maintenance and consumables (tires, pads, cables, chain, grips). Just make sure it's safe and rides well. Ride it until it dies or you find you really should upgrade (you bend a fork, crack something ... more »

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I apologize if I missed some detail in my reply as I have limited time at the moment. For starters, yeah, a 20.75tt frame is too big for your son's height.... in general. It would probably be fine for you, size-wise. If you are looking to actually ride ... more »

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Yeah, like said, OVERALL frame geometry will make a bigger difference in feel that the small difference in TT length. You can get used to riding nearly anything if you ride it long enough. The key is to find a geo that feels perfect for you.

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BMX bikes? 6. Bikes in Total? 9

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I disagree. Mongoose made bulletproof shit back in the day. The original Mongoose framesets set the bar before there really was a bar. Where they lost out was not maintaining their status as others jumped in, including Haro, Hutch, GT, etc...; When they ... more »

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Lean back a bit and get your ass over the rear before pulling up.

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Save some money and buy a bedframe.

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For the money, the Flybikes Electron is overrated. This is a much better bike and it's cheaper:¤cy=usd

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Fist rioters burn down my hometown last week and now this! Can 2020 get any worse?!

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You sold your Soundwave? Wait, didn't you have a Streetsweeper?

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DO IT!!!!!

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Man... we always seem to hook a noob with this bit! Too funny!

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Money sent! I can't wait! Where's my bike?! I'm going to report you! I contacted PayPal for a refund!

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Speaking of vegan diets, my fiance was watching Netflix and came across a documentary called " Game Changers". It was pretty eye opening. I never would have thought any of the info in the documentary would be factual but I was looking up a lot of what ... more »

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I suck, so the likelihood of any particular area being better than another, for me is probably a moot point. On the plus side, riding around looking for a great street spot makes it look like I can ride well but we just haven't found a spot!

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Nice! Should make searching for specific things that are more precise to your search criteria, easier!

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Well, it sorta depends. I think that it would be fine for you as a beginner bike at your weight, even with it being primarily hi-tens. That year Primer came in 3 different tt sizes (20", 20.5", & 21") and that might play into your decision. The 20.5" ... more »