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After last riding in the early 90's and then messing around with BMX bikes while working in a shop around 2008, I could never get a feel for the short bars that were all the rage at the time. When I actually got back into BMX a few years back, 9" or ... more »

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I was about to chime in but you guys have it covered.

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Can't find specs on the Unknown but the lack of specs would indicate that it's frame materials are nothing they are "proud of". So, I'd probably pass on that. The Throne was sold out and I couldn't find much in specs. The SE is cool but it has an aluminum ... more »

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Get in touch with the group. They might know. If they give you an idea, you might be able to verify it through pictures. At the very least they might be able to tell you the brand and you can contact the maker with the serial number.

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I'm 52 and ride solo 99.9% of the time. Not on purpose, but out of necessity. I WISH I had the riding crew I grew up with.

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Honestly, While I've got a soft spot in my heart for SE (I have a couple Quads and a Floval) I'd say do some research and what's available for the money (I don't know what that SE costs). Many of the completes made today are likely made in the exact ... more »

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I don't have an original pic of MY bike.... and technically I don't buy it myself, but this is it:

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Bearings are assembled with an outer bearing race and an inner bearing race. With the ball bearings on between. The pressure shouldn't be on one or the other, rather an even distribution allowing the bearings to ride on the races. The locknut is there ... more »

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I'm 6' and have ridden/ride both 170's and 160's. You can ride either (or in-between) if you want. I will say this, with the 170's, I run a 28/9 gearing. I get the same "feel" from a 25/9 with the 160's. Right now (I just started riding the 160's), I ... more »

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I don't know what freecoaster you have (and I'm too fucking lazy to look it up) but you may be able to adjust the amount of slack.

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Right, well,vi c was just referencing actual "BMX", as opposed to when people started doing tricks on bicycles. But yeah, it's been a while.

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Love it! Yeah... Looks like a classic GT or some other 80's ride! Well done!

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Asking is over budget (& they don't say what frame it is) but it's got some nice parts. Might be a great bike if you can confirm the frame and if you can get them closer to you budget: ... more »

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Bummer. Well, you have a good resource here. Let us know what you find.

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Ooh.... yeah, someone got a deal. I've seen these go for $1000+.(&, yeah, it's a Mongoose Moosegoose)

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Why would you want to?

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I had stock 2015 FIT PK3 complete. It came with a chromoly fork with an integrated bearing race. For what it's worth, the bike you are looking at doesn't have that. I don't know that THAT is a definitive identifier but an observation that might help.

... more »
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If you are using a cell phone (or any equipment, I guess) and you aren't planning on dubbing music over everything, make sure you have some air protection for the mic. Nothing worse than trying to make out what someone is saying over wind noises.

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That seems highly unlikely but possible (for it to be that small). If it's close by, go check it out & bring a tape measure with you.

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That subrosa does look like it could be on the higher end of their completes. Either that (or in addition to that) the person may have installed some aftermarket parts that are better than most completes you would find. My only objection might be the ... more »