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The Guacamobile (retired)
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Fiend Morrow V4

this is a thing of beauty.

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Fiend Morrow V4
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Fiend Reynolds V2 Trans-green
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not that there's anything wrong with Cult but yes, you need to sticker that correctly

Looks like it maybe needs a halflink to shorten the chain too? It was a toss-up between the Reynolds and the Varanyak for me but I went with the slightly ... more »
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Thanks, really pleased with it. Yes the vans grips are great once they've worn on a little, I don't like the feel of mushrooms

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That is tasty. The frame finish looks ace

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hey, here's my build up for some old guy park and street riding. A lot of the parts are from a WTP donor bike, the rest are from whatever was on sale. I love it and it hasn't killed me yet despite being kind of short and steep, Frame : Fiend Reynolds

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