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Allow myself to drop some knowledge on you. What Hyper does with Walmart is called "licencing" , which means that Hyper licenses their name and logo to the companies that produce Walmart specific bikes (Pacific was a big entity the last time I checked), these companies produce these bikes just like all the other ones they produce and use Hyper's name and logo to make the bike desirable to non-elite buyers (AKA those kids who just saw Mike Spinner online and only want to pedal around and pop some wheelies). While Hyper and their primary production company make the high-end bmx products for elite buyers (AKA kids who already know a little something about bmx and want a good piece of equipment). So at the end of the day Hyper collects their royalties from the commissioned company and Walmart and puts that money back into bmx.
Why the sticker? Walmart wants that kid ( the one who only wishes to pop a wheelie) to know that he can easily buy a bicycle even if he does not come from a family with a large amount of disposable income.
Why does play even want the sticker? Walmart spends a pretty penny on advertising and likely paid enought to easily cover some of the overhead for the contest.
Why do I think less off you? Because if you had your way, Bmx would be so elite that people like me would have never been able to afford to enter Bmx at a young age. As a matter of fact if Bmx were that elite I can't promise i would even want to be a part of it.

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If you let one logo on one ramp make you hate a whole contest, I think it's safe to say you're overreacting. Embrace the good riding.

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who ever gave this the thumbs down sucks at life and should just end yourself now

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