my and my friend tiffany went to magic mountain with some guys who surf from oceanside last weekend. neither of us is really into either one of them, but one of their dads had a big BMW so it was a fun road trip. tiffany likes to drink whenever she can so i brought some redbulls and we made yager bombs in the back seat of scott's car all the way to valencia!!!! yeah! by the time we got to magic mountain I was so wasted it was crazy....! anyway scott and nick were not cool at all about the booze so they shaded off the second we walked in the park. with half a bottle of yager and two cans of redbull in my backpack we booked to the superman. in line for th eride we met two hottie bmxers from the valley. one said he new ryan young and the other had on a fit shirt so it seems pretty cool to hang out with em magic mountain....... i was down to hook up with the guy in the desil jeans but tiff was gettin wierd so we split up to find our ride back to san clemente. the surfer dudes were not feelin' it when we ditched em so getting back turned out to be a huge pain in the ass... tiff agreed to hook up in the back seat with scott if i could get nick to let me drive. i was the least drunk one inthe bunch so he was cool with it. anyway, if you biker boys wanna come to the beach and learn how to surf, we're ready... lets party! <3  monica

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