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i loved it
i was in the background!
sweet ride

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Sup Guy/Girl reading this,

Waking up happily at 10:02 am i put on some skinnies, rotten vans shoes, and a shirt.
The only things to take on this amazing voyage are the house keys, eye drops, and juke-box with earphones.
As I walk in slow-mo to the backyard I feel my arm get goosebumps rapidly from the excitement of seeing my glorious bike! Leaving with hard nipples, pedaling calmingly to P-Rod park. I sense the wind punching me with nice relaxing summer air, listening to angry beats that sooth the mind wishing I could be stuck in this happyness.
Arriving I notice the best people I will ever meet! We sweat our hearts through blood and pain from having real fun massacring the streets day and night. That is the memory i live every single day. Hopefully none of you great riders forget your roots.

Summer 09'

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Mark Mulville's nickname is the floridian magician.
Karl Poynter's full name is karl QUENTIN poynter.
Alex Magallan's favorite dance move is the lil spooky two-step crunk shuffle.
I love!

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