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And also it takes a lot of work to run a track

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I've raced all my life but your right you can't really televise it like a 45 second race can be boring if you don't know what your looking at and it is hard to recruit riders like I can rember back when we had 50 motos a quite a few riders but now were ... more »

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I'm looking for a good trails frame preferably a 21 of 22 cause I'm a taller dude and need a new frame had just a plane WTP zodiac but need a new frame so any suggestions would be apreciated

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anthony napolitan by far

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Depends what style u into fat skinie rails pivitol tripod

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Yea I know hoping id get lucky we had som but we got kicked out

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Any one know any trails near Erie in pa if so commen

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I ran into the same probablem try to bend the lever or cut the lever with a grinder or heat it up and see how much it will expand good luck to u

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Mat yellow

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Has any one herd any thing about the new Tom Dugan line of parts and frame

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If u had fun who cares if it good or not as long as u had a good time

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I pare and if u tighten the strap it keeps ur Ankel tougher and the sti insoles are nice they grip pedals great I am on my second pare if u have ever been to rays MTB they have survived rays enough said and journeys has them on sale

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It would look cool with a mat grey and like a gloss red splatter a coffin head tube badg and finish it off with a cursive logo in gloss black it they would have a full cromo frame and back it with a warranty

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that would be awesome

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good bad pros cons

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ya really good tires

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week end with morgan wade is cool

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need knew bike can any ony help

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dude just try and with any luck you will land 2 wheels down 2 feet on 2 peadels and 2 hands on 2 grips

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good bike bad bike is it worth the money the cromo frame and forks but what is it good fore park street trails vert because i go to rays mtb in cle alot

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