Added a comment about news blog RIP, Dave Mirra 2/5/2016 6:33 AM
Mr.Lucky 2002

From me and my brother and group of friends thank you Dave, your style was 100% Unique and Original and the Mirracle Boy and Nyquist was one of the best things I have seen and continue to see thank you you were one of the most humble people out there. When my little brother asked you for an Autograph at the Vans Triple Crown in Oceanside you asked him if he knew who you were and he said the guy that rode for Haro you brushed his hair and smiled. You will be missed the Boss Dave Mirra!

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Added a comment about video Ryan Nyquist - Vital BMX Interview 1/30/2013 2:21 PM

One of the best interviews I've seen or heard in a long time. Ryan has been trough allot and he put everything into perspective very well, the riding, sponsors and fame. Reuel Erickson was one of the best as well, the guy just wen't for it. Honestly the best rider hands down Diamondback ever had, even above Bruce Crissman. Grreat interview from a Legendary rider and my all time favorite rider!

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Added a comment about news blog Diamondback / Aliention Bike Giveaway 12/4/2012 3:02 PM
Mr.Lucky 2002

Hello there,
I might sound selfish and If I do I'm sorry. But I would love have this bike, I would tresure it for as long as I lived. From my profile you'll notice that I have a history with your brand. Well the story is that since 2000 I became I huge fan when trough allot of work I bought with my own money my very own Diamondback Joker not the best but sufficent although I bent the rim on my firs dirt jump I loved that bike I opened the 3/8 drop outs 14mm and with dotation parts from my family changed the single crank arm to a 3piece and to 14mm forks. I've always been a huge Diamondback fan my favorite model has to be the 2002 Sherman with the fire red. Over the years I got married but my passion for BMX and the Diamondback brand has never ceased. I even remember my friend getting me the black sweater with Diamondback in old english with since 1976 in the bottom. Although I make a sufficent amount to get by with me and my family I do strugle to keep up, my current bikes are a 2001 Federal Division and a 2004 Mr.Lucky. When ever possible I buy use bikes from craiglist for kids in my Kingdom Hall and I always make it a point to find Diamondbacks. At the moment I'm fixing a 2004 Session for a kid who's dying to get into BMX but can't due to finacial hardships from his family. I know theres a huge number of great deserving people out here on Vital BMX but if you guys get a chance to look over my comment please consider me. On my profile theres pictures of me and I'm on a 2002 Skingdog blasting a wall ride. Wether I win or not Diamondback will always be my brand. Thank you Jorge Rwink

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Added a comment about video A Day Down The Park With Dyno 8/28/2012 12:25 PM

Damm Jerk! What he cant remember when he was a kid! Hope someone shoves that finger down his trhoat. Shame on Vital BMX for giving this no body coverage!

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Added a comment about video Diamondback 2013 Launch Jam 7/25/2012 7:27 AM

Ben Hucke, since he began getting coverage this guy has been pushing, and to have him know on Diamondback is pretty cool. 1978 D-Back 4vr!

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Added a comment about video Product Blog: Diamondback Venom Pro 7/19/2012 7:43 AM

Just found my new bike!

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Added a comment about video Diamondback 2013 Launch Jam 7/13/2012 2:43 PM

Diamondback has not had a godd rider for a while. Last rider I remember that they had at a big level was Bruce C. Either way I'm glad to see D-Back pushing them selves back into the scene. By the way if anybody is selling a 2000-02 White/Red Sherman please let me know I really wan't one.

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Added reply in a thread Diamondbacks.. 7/9/2012 2:54 PM

There great bikes. I use to have a 2001 Joker. I opened the drop outs and made custom changes, put in a 3-pc, swapped rims and other stuff. Unless you have the will and the talent to custom build bikes I suggest you look for another bike. I have deep ... more »

Added a comment about video Cam White's Hillside Dirt Jam: 2011 TV Feature 1/10/2012 7:04 AM

Hands down best bmx footage I have ever seen. Austrailia is the new Dirt Haven. And Unit is responsible and should get all the credit for all the Dirt inovation and the new Dirt Movement. D.F.D

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Added a comment about video Dane Searls Jumps the World's Biggest BMX Dirt Jumps: Giants of Dirt Part 3 12/20/2011 7:01 AM

The dirt scene is slowly fading and he made sure we din't forget out roots. Thanks to everyone is this film I spend countless hours building, getting dirty and riding my bike. All to just feel the air rushing trough my face as I lift off. D.F.D
Don't Forget Dirt

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Added a comment about video Sidewall's Holiday Giveaway 12/16/2011 6:58 AM

76 pieces.

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Added a comment about video Morning, Noon and Night with Nigel Sylvester 7/13/2010 7:31 AM

"Over do it"

My favorite trick was the 180 roll back 180 barspin bunnyhop out over the barrier under the bridge in the night session part (9:52). That was awsome and blows away in my opinion any arial trick even a double flip.

When I do a whole day session I bring along with my bike a backpack with tools like a crecent wrench, allen tools, socket wrench, pump. Water, first aid kit and my 4GB Zune. And my phone and friends.

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Became friends with bmx rider 95 7/11/2010 8:24 PM
Added a comment about video bmx 7/9/2010 12:09 PM

That's clean buddy!

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Added a comment about video Jacy Lame Edit 6/25/2010 10:24 AM

Smoth riding buddy pretty nice edit too. Original!

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Added a comment about video The Making of Nigel Sylvester's Go All Day Series 6/24/2010 11:58 AM

I would say the night,

Al though it's pretty hard to choose. But the reason I like the Night Session video better is because besides the video being put together very well by P.P Milligan it reminds me of why me and my friends like riding at night. You have the cool night breeze to help your stamina up you have crowded spots all to yourself and most importantly you have the cover of the night to help you hide from local authorities. But the video had a good vibe being under a bridge hagging out with your friends, like Nigel said it gives you a diffrent taste to BMX. A fresh new taste. Plus although Gatorade sponsored the project it did what other companies fail to do. It kept its advertising low key and simple. Props to them too.

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Added a comment about feature SUNringlé Name the Rims Contest 7/16/2009 10:07 AM
Mr.Lucky 2002

Single-The Slicer
Double-The Basher

Single- Light Feet
Double-Power Punch

Single- Light Speed
Double- Super Nova

Single- Skill
Double- Raw

Single- Laurel
Double- Hardy

Single- El Chavo
Double- Ñoño

Single- Paris Hilton
Double- Rosie O'donol

Single- Civic
Double- Chevelle

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Added a comment about feature SUNringlé Name the Rims Contest 7/13/2009 11:19 AM
Mr.Lucky 2002

Single Wall:The Reserve
Doubble Wall: The Great Walls

Singel Rim: Light Power
Doubble Wall: Raw Power

Single Rim: The Rising Sun
Doubble Wall: Heavy Duty Rim

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Added a comment about video The Big Big BMX Show Episode 13 7/2/2009 2:34 PM

B-Rad Hardworking
Out Of Nowhere
Biking and Life......

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Added a comment about feature Win a Free Frame & Parts Kit from Hoffman Bikes 1/15/2009 1:48 PM
Mr.Lucky 2002

For me Seth Kimbrough. His style apert from going Brakeless motivates and inspires me alot. The way he presents him self is also a reason I wen't with him he looks like a very down to earth kind of guy and very mellow. For me Seth is one of the most underated street riders out there. But you can tell he's not that worried about his image or his exposure. He let's his riding do the talking. If there was a catagory for best underground rider or best style in the street he would deffinetly get my vote. The guy has skill and not only that but when you see his riding and the way he starts to the way he finishes it lives you thhinking you know what I can do that with time and dedication. Almost as if you were looking at footage from Fudger, Dosantos, Bruce.C, Luc-C and Brian Foster. Their Riding is original and something you can relate to something you can say I'm going out and trying that. I don't mean to take any shot's at the ramp guy's but alot of people don't have the money or the meet the need's to practice in a skate park or a Bike Camp all we have is street, Dirt and the bike we own. Like I said no hate but I see Seth his style and I can relate so my vote goes for him. It seem's that The Condor sure know's how to pick them.

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