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During this session @lewisville skatepark I accidentally threw my bike at an innocent girl, Daniel made weird noises with each fall, and everyone got a clip. I ensure you no one died in the making of this video. I hope everyone enjoys the video! Thanks for watching! Follow Us On IG: @n8dogg12 @cumjugs @cjisme @madebyasain @ian_yeager @djpsykotron @jjpugh @ryan_bmx_56 @mike_5_drj

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I got the crew together for a session and this is the outcome. I didn't kill the girl with my bike but it was definitely a suspenseful moment haha. Enjoy & thanks for watching!

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Sooo basic. Back flip, barspin, tail whip, crappy song, crappy filming and even worse editing.

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Yeah... no idea what happened. I know these kids are better than this edit. Was really looking forward to seeing some shredding. Maybe next time. Until then... Merry Christmas.

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I'm embarrassed on behalf of Colton and Jeremy for this.

Liked a comment on the item Jeremy Malott & Colton Walker - #P0L1T1C14N5 12/20/2016 3:35 PM

How many double whips and backflips can you pack into an edit before its unwatchable? I turned it off at the 75 second mark

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The video was sick but I think the animal team just isn't on the level that odyssey or fit is. Ps. I'd wrap it up like bread and tie it closed. Even then, it's a bad idea to leave it outside.

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What's your favorite trick and why? Do you like watching others do the trick or do you actually enjoy preforming the maneuver??

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Added reply in a thread pros and cons of bigger bars 9"+ 12/19/2016 1:27 PM

I agree that 9 should be the maximum for most but if your 6"5 you may need 9+ bars. Pros: In my opinion highe rise bars allow you to be more up right and view that as a benefit. You can compare older props videos to the way that Stevie Churchill rides ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bunny hop feeling more like a jump 12/18/2016 11:43 AM

You may find this helpful while learning the motion! If so, please let me know! To bunny hop well you must be able to get the front and back wheel of the ground separately. Most riders can pull the front end up easily so I’ll describe how one could work ... more »

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I'd have to choose both options. I'm tired of breaking bones and smashing my face into the concrete but I love the feeling of learning a new trick or variation. Also, I usually try to find one trick or area to progress in while I'm usually just flowing ... more »

Added reply in a thread Why Fat Tires Blow 12/18/2016 11:37 AM

I like a big tire in the front as it seems to lessen the impact a bit. I keep a small tire in the back but haven't had any alignment issues yet. I think 9" rise bars are the future because it allows riders to have an erect spine while riding. Check out ... more »

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Don't be concerned with others opinions. There's plenty of goofy footed riders and if anything, it makes their style more unique and entertaining to watch. You can watch Matt Guttirez ride goofy footed and he "makes everything look so good". ... more »

Added reply in a thread What are some good and cheap starter bmx completes? 12/18/2016 11:12 AM

I personally like these brands for complete bikes. Fit Cult Fiend Volume Stranger Sunday Subrosa Kink If you're in the US you may purchase from and if you're international check out Try to look for aftermarket parts and sealed ... more »

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I broke my odyssey clutch hub several times this year but odyssey was helpful through out the entire process. Kudos to their warranty department.

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I'd say the DK frame only because it's heavier. Which means it'll most likely be stronger. I'd recommend a different brand if you have a wide selection.

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I've wedged my nuts between the frame and back wheel once. My balls looked like Barney's for the next week. I've also nose cased on a quarter and face planted from the top of a 9 foot quarter. Lastly, broke my wrist while trying to back flip. SMH

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Two options on a free coaster. You either need to half cab with no pedal pressure or slide out by leaning back and turning the bars 90.You can use pedal pressure but it's highly frowned upon. To half cab allow your bike to pivot, turn your head and hop ... more »

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I imagine it like doing a no footer and then clamping back onto the pedals or cranks. So aim for the front food and then clamp the back foot on.

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When you begin doing barspins if you naturally spin left while having left foot forward it will make your barspin 180/ 360's very difficult. If I were you I would try my hardest to make spinning right feel natural. If you half cab easier that way you ... more »