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Stickers/Decals for Diamondback Joker bikes.

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I say ride brakeless. A couple of the bikes I have are that way. Learning to ride brakeless cant hurt you.

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The kids a beast. I wish i was hoooked on BMX that early in life.

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1) Edwin DeLarosa 2) Tony Neyer 3) Nigel Sylvester

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I work at the country club in the city next to mine. I have a 360 and two normal XBOX's but only the 360 has Live.

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I like the frame but Im in love with the sprocket....

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You have to remember to pump the brakes when you are falling backwards and just keep practicing. Ohh yea, dont make the same mistake I did and pull harder on one side of the handlebars. I came down with the tire sideways and flipped forwards.... Not ... more »

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Youtube has some trick tip videos on there. You just look em up and bunch are there. Also if youre gonna be riding BMX street most of the best rails are on private propertty so you can expect atleast a couple times to get in trouble. Tumbler is right ... more »

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I dunno about the second question but a couple of the guys I ride with have big some big-ass handlebars and I think it makes it a little bit harder to do tricks.

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I dont kow much about Eastern bikes but a good idea would be to get a Stolen or a Kink complete. The only negative about DK bikes are that some a pretty heavy and where I live theyre kinda expensive. Despite what pantera214life said, DK's are nice bikes ... more »

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It might be a good idea, but I think there are more skaters than bmx riders out there and thats the reason they already have one and we dont.