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If there was a theme to my approach to riding this year then it was probably this... Don't tell myself that I can't do/try something just because Im 46. Over the past few years I'd go to parks and see a line I'd love to do but then tell myself "That's something I'd do in my 20's but not in my 40's". This year I tried to change that...sometimes I made it...and sometimes I didn't. But generally over the course of the year I felt better for giving things a try rather than giving them a miss!

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At 45 I could easily tell myself that doing the thing I love simply isn't going to be as much fun as it was in my 20's. That I wouldn't progress, I wouldn't make tons of new friends and that I wouldn't have awesome road trips and fun experiences. But I just don't buy that. 2018 has been a blast! Ive travelled, progressed my riding, and had some experiences that will stay with me forever. So here's my little edit of my riding this year. I had planed on shooting loads more clips for this edit but that's not looking likely as Im spending the rest of the year on the bench due to injury. So it's "unfinished". And so am I. Get out there and do what you love, when you can, while you can.

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Im now 44 so I guess I should really settle down and maybe just collect and restore old BMX bikes like most of the mid 40's seem to do! But to be honest BMX was and IS always about riding for me so I guess I'll pass on the collecting scene and simple keep riding as long as I can! Here's my new edit. Hope you like it!

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