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I am interested in buying the bike you have for sale for $600. Hit me up if you still have it

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I was wrong about the birdcages hah, hadn't looked but someone told me they stopped making them and I believed them. Great wheels though. Anyway, bump, bike still available.

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Bump still available

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Selling my custom built bike because I don't ride much anymore, don't need this expensive bike sitting around. Bike cost about $1300 to build Lots of new parts, 100% chromoly parts, list will speak for itself. Nothing on bike is messed up or in bad condition. ... more »

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He should probably not be in the mcdonald's parking lot tbh Somebody get that man a salad

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buying/selling shit online is pretty good, When I was 14 I got a job at a ghetto pet store in my town, cleaning animal shit and stocking shelves for 7$/hour. Look for a mom and pop store, they will be able to hire you under the table, most places will ... more »

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Samsung s7 edge is what I have, switched from iPhone for the first time ever to get this phone... not going back. This thing is a tank. I haven't had a case or screen cover on it, it refuses to break or even crack. I have broken the crap out of every ... more »

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Nike SB's with the cupsole are great. Koston 1's have this sole and the bruin hyperfeels. Super thick padding. I broke my heel earlier this summer in a pair of vans... won't ride vans anymore cause the soles suck. Or just get a pair of footprint insoles ... more »

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At least you have a nice skatepark that is lit at night. All the skateparks near me either close at 9pm and have large fences which they shut (and they enforce this, because it is in an urban neighborhood with houses 10 feet from ramps in some cases) ... more »

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I'd just bring it in your dorm or whatever. Why can't you bring it inside?

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The quality control issue here is with premium, not with Albe's. Those are the premium aurora frames, you get exactly what you paid for. It's not Albe's fault if Premium is inconsistent with their headtube design. They have to use stock photos to sell ... more »

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Albe's posts here, maybe they will chime in. Seems to me like your mad that premium is inconsistent in their frame design, something that's not Albe's fault. And your mad that is took them until 6pm to respond to a customer service complaint? They probably ... more »

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My Soundwave V3!
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Tree ships internationally through their website

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Nelsdollaz's Sunday
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looks sick man. last pic is artsy AF

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Broke my heel in vans about a month ago, the soles in them suck. I've been riding Nike SB's since and they are much better. If you can get some with the thick ass cupsole, like the kostons, get those. Great shoe. I also use nike sb dunk mids with an ... more »

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Both are entry level, would be decent for starting out. for another 50$ you can get a bike with a full CRMO frame here

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Your idea of an outrageous price is the lowest sum you could possibly get even a crappy bike for. I'd suggest Walmart, maybe they have some in the back that aren't built up.