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Yeah iv been doing some research based on what we get here, and what iv found used online. There are a few old school chromo bikes, but again they old school bikes, mostly restored or being restored and again going for mad money. I have found a haro ... more »

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Hi there all, Just a quick break down, based in South Africa, 34 years old and looking for a BMX. So far, to buy new and something half decent im looking at around $525 (basing prices off current exchange rate) now thats just way out of budget at the ... more »

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Cheers for all the comments and advise guys. Busy chatting with a guy who has a few second hand bikes/frames/parts so looking what i can get made up, will definitely pop into a shop and just try out a few different sizes/setups

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Hey guys, From South Africa, looking to get a BMX, turning 35 last bike i can remember having was a TREK on the hunt now for a 2nd hand bike to start off with. Lots of dirt roads in my area so looking for something strong that i can throw ... more »

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Thats awesome, comgrats man. Im looking at starting, just going through the forum for some advise on what to look for. Im 6'4" so from what iv been readying will need a 21.75 frame.

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So stoked i found this thread and forum. 35 in Nov and looking at getting a bike again. I have been trying to figure out what bike i had as a kid and thanks to some help and advice form some facebook pages came to the conclusion it was a TREK TR20 dirt ... more »