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Awesome, thanks for the advise. Will check out a video or 2 and if im not winning will take it into a shop for them to do it,

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I got mine pulled in the chair just just local anaesthetic, never got put under for it. But they know what they are doing and you will be fine man, its normal to feel like that going under for the first time.

Reply to So far my favorite all around..... 10/15/2019 1:38 AM

Just ordered the Primo V-Monsters

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Depends on how you get them pulled i guess. I had 2 pulled then drove myself home, was a little bit swollen the next day or 2 but pain killers helped and went back to work.

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Update.....I got the L100, bike is at home as i type this and can not wait to get home and check it out, iv lso ordered a Primo V Monster tyre and tube, the guy did throw in brakes, but says they not complete, will check it out when im home and see whats ... more »

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HAHAHAHA yeah not worried about front brakes hey, i might run rears. Leaning more towards to goose, has 1 dirt tyre already, i live on a small holding so my thoughts are aimed more at riding on dirt roads, can order a tube and tyre quick and easy for ... more »

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Some closer pics of some parts

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Here are a few more photos that just got sent through

... more »
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Asking price is around $150 All the seller can tell me is its a Fit frame.

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So something decent to start on ?

Reply to Needing a bike but stuggling in SA 9/15/2019 11:51 PM

Its up for sale at around $103 if i take today's exchange rate.

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Hey guys, found a bike for sale, just wanting to see if anyone has some info on the bike ? or if they think its worth it from the pic supplied.

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forgot to attached the pic haha my bad.

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Came across this redline for sale, decent price....but is it a decent bike ? Seller hasnt given much more info, waiting on another response from them.

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Thanks for the advise

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Yeah iv been doing some research based on what we get here, and what iv found used online. There are a few old school chromo bikes, but again they old school bikes, mostly restored or being restored and again going for mad money. I have found a haro ... more »

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Cheers for all the comments and advise guys. Busy chatting with a guy who has a few second hand bikes/frames/parts so looking what i can get made up, will definitely pop into a shop and just try out a few different sizes/setups

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Hey guys, From South Africa, looking to get a BMX, turning 35 last bike i can remember having was a TREK on the hunt now for a 2nd hand bike to start off with. Lots of dirt roads in my area so looking for something strong that i can throw ... more »

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Thats awesome, comgrats man. Im looking at starting, just going through the forum for some advise on what to look for. Im 6'4" so from what iv been readying will need a 21.75 frame.

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So stoked i found this thread and forum. 35 in Nov and looking at getting a bike again. I have been trying to figure out what bike i had as a kid and thanks to some help and advice form some facebook pages came to the conclusion it was a TREK TR20 dirt ... more »