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Thanks. A lot of footage got cut out, because it was recorded in 24fps. Battery drainer.

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I'll in va beach. I think that is in or near Hampton. Anyways, I'll be there tomorrow till after a few days after christmas.

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I'm heading to VA for the christmas break.

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Fowler Skatepark edit. Camera: Sony NEX 5N So far we are the first(from what we searched) shooting bmx on the "Sony Nex 5n". If not shooting, then uploading a bmx edit from the camera. Here's a edit when we rode Sunday:

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Any riders in the atlanta area, so far there are about 20 indiviual groups of riders in the downtown decatur and stonemountain area. Avg 2-4 bmxers in a groups. So finding some one to ride with isn't hard it tends to be split-up, because of location, ... more »

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That is what I have, It's the hub that on the complete cinema 777 tungsten. But the guy I was going to get the RHD driver/clutch decided to back out., so never mind.

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I'm probably going to be in VA over springbreak or the summer time.

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Wrong, it a footjam tailwhip, a whiplash is a flatland trick. fWhiplash requires pegs vs footjam tailwhip

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this happens to my freecoaster if I tighten the nut holding it together to tight.

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I just started landing consistent 180 to fakie out, last week. 1. spin harder, try to look at your butt or back of thigh. 2.when your wheel shift weight to back foot, do this by taking balance off of front, like when you ride with your cranks vertical ... more »

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Not true, I rode a freecoaster for 6months, and used pedal pressure for 4months. Never blew a bearing and axle(3/8) is still straight. It all depends on the coaster it is. My coaster is just as reliable as a cassette, because it never seized or slipped, ... more »

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Nick 16 yrs old riding for 1yr/2months Good with electronics, smd soldering, pcb etching, etc., Junior Highschool Love street and flatland

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Lol, if you did a 180 at 60psi than, you kind of answer your own question. I blew a khe mac at 65psi from a bunnyhop. This what you need to do. 1.Sand down valve hole, it may be cuting tube. Happened to me, on a cinema 777. 2. Go to the dollar store ... more »

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Me. Flatland in street is unique. You can go from a double peg into a forkglide to BW hitchhiker. I love 3 pegs, even though one is a screw-on

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25/9 is best in park, a little noticeable in street riding. 28/9, you can still pedal at higher speeds than a 25/9

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Can we trade, I only want the hub?

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Can I just get the alienation freecoaster, I'm nak16 on All I want is the freecoaster, and trading everything below for it. I will trade cinema lite cassette 9t, 14mm poverty hub, 2.0 Dou stunner tire, and USB(2gb, 2gb,4gb,8gb)/mp3 player/maglite.

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I live in Decatur, but ride downtown atlanta, downtown decatur. I ride sometimes at hazard county. Edgewood and eastlake are a few good places to ride aswell. I'm going to start ride in rosewell (dirt trails) Any other riders that ride park,street, and/or ... more »

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Dang, I want to try to ride some trails. You are about a 1hr 1/2 away.