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My guess would be the fork and headset moving around in the head tube from being loose. Do you run un-sealed pedals? I have a set of eclat surge's that rattle like nothing. My only other guess would be chain or un-likley the driver may be loose and letting ... more »

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That bike is amazing. I would buy it if I lived in the US. Good luck with the sale.

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Have you checked the wheel cones? My mate had that happen to him.

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I ride a Odyssey M2 leaver and upper cable. A custom top gyro plate that I made. Odyssey GTX gyro. Slick lower cables. Snafu london mod. Fly brakes with clear fly pads. A bit squeaky but it packs a lot of punch.

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As the title says. I don't understand why this seems to be present on a lot of bikes, not to mention pro's like Harry Main, Pat casey, Ryan Guetler just to name a few. I thought that the reason dual upper cables were to eliminate the "spongy" felling ... more »

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I realize that. I did it myself, however some people can't afford it. A major issue for me was dealing with the insurance company, proving I had a bike, getting quotes for all the aftermarket parts and getting someone from a bike shop to write a letter ... more »

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I had my bike stolen from school. I just rode a shitter 26" to school and rode when I got home. I understand how cool it was to own the coolest bike at school, but at the end of the day, it is a target for opportunists. I wouldn't like to leave my bike ... more »

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From what I have read/heard, the 2.25 has a dirt specific tread and goes all the way to the side wall (Making it thicker than the 2.30). I would run the 2.25 in the front because I would imagine it would have more grip. Thats just my opinion.

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Hey guys. Im jake. I have been looking at Vital for many months and I thought it was time to join. I have been riding BMX for 2 years tomorrow. I spent a few years doing trials and hucking a 26". I like to get out at least twice a week for a ride but

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