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I was doing a straight nosepick over the spine at rampage back in day and went OTB like I didn't even pull up and fell 4ft to flat as I'm laying there I look up and Luc-e is looking down at me seriously trying not to laugh goes "whoa you ok?" I said ... more »

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Have one. love it.

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I have odyssey evo brakes and like I said they work great on the chain stays so no I don't suck installing them and I'm pretty sure yours don't work as well as you think they do.

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Anyone know how to make seat stay breaks work? I've had two frames with them and they work for shit! take the same set up and put it on chain stays and they rock what gives?

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Bmx'ers need to more involved when it comes to working with the cities when they do decide to build a park. You hear it all the time that bmx'ers did not participate in planning or show up at meetings during the planning stages and then we wonder why we are not allowed in. Plus team pain is saying that bikes wreck parks doesn't help either.

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Hold on a minute a street vid with no rail hops, smith 180's, and front brakes? What's bmx coming to?

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Try learning 540 tail taps. Its not as scary. It'll help you learn to spin straight and stay centered over your bike. Plus you need be mostly at 360 to do it. Try them for awhile they go back to 3's and you'll be able spin a 3 easy as a 180. DON"T CARVE ... more »

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Back end 13.65. I'm pretty sure those parts would be a nice Fit on my Univega.

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