So I was wondering who had a chance to watch the Jackass 24hour takeover on MTV. Nutty is all I can say. Have you ever scene someone under the influence of a narcotic and you saw that show, then you can say YES to that question. Lots of dead air, and just a feeling of not knowing. Plus it was hillarious that all those guys were drinking water, and I didn't notice anyone yawning. So the very next morning Steve-O did the HOWARD STERN SHOW with Big Regg, who is Steveo's new rap partner. Yes thats right Steveo is releasing a Rap album and I have heard some of the tracks and they are hillarious. Should have heard him on the show talking mad shit about Eminem, who also runs channel 45 Shade Radio. At the Sirius radio HQ in New York, EVERY single station on the dial is under the same roof. So any of the brothers from Shade 45 could have come over, but thats why Big Regg is there. Steveo was clearly high on something and did not shut up the whole time. He straight up said that they were all on Coke and that Knoxville was on Amphetamines. He said why the hell else would we agree to do 24hours on MTV. Steveo did not even stay the whole show. Enough of him, how about Matt "The Condor" Hoffman keeping it real and just dropping the jaws of everyone in the room. Trigger, Travis P, PSYCHO, the whole tribute was crazy. Evil would have been proud. Matt Hoffman is on a level that no rider has ever reached, I am talking about the mental ability this man has and the faith he has in his body. Props to Allen Cooke! That flip was sick, and so was the whip. Good to see some NOR CAL! representation, yes kids Allen's from Northern California. Spike Jones even, trying flips into the foam, crazy. Knoxville almost lost 'his goods' for good. Sucked watching Dave England blow his knee out trying to jump trash cans on a wake skate at the ice skating rink. I laughed my ass off and enjoyed watching those guys come unglued through out the night.

Lavs called me last night and gave me an opportunity to lend a small hand on a project he was working on for a friend of ours. More of a present but I may have said too much. But when he is finished it should be dope. Besides Rob and Big, watch out for Steveo and Regg. TJ, I like the beats you make, even though there are penguins out there that still take a shit on the deal. But you got to keep cranking those beats out so Steveo's album sales don't pass yours. See you next month sometime. And bottom line, thanks for the opportunity and I appreciate that.

Two weeks ago I went to Wood West with Ron "2-Hip" Wilkerson and I have to say when he read the predictable bullshit review from Ryan Fudgepacker in the new Ride about the 2-hip how to video Ron was bummed. But you have to read the letter Ron sent to Fudge, you will never see it in the pages of ride because I do not think this kid has any ability to allow himself to be publicly humiliated as he does everyday when he rips on these kids that send letters into the magazine. Shit when I was dirtjumping at Calabasas he was playing handball in elementary. But I do not care, I just thought that he has the nerve to try and comment on anything about 2-hip. Rons been doing it longer than most companies, non-corporate and rider owned. There were some great lines Ron put in there, one was something about "I was riding my own half pipe before you were even sperm." Now who the fuck can argue with that. I miss the good old days of ride when Brad started it, the mag was just something different. And if anyone wants me to post that letter, just let me know, but I guess I will ask Ron first since thats the ethical thing to do. Later, headed to Oscar's to ride the Ramp Club mini.



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