Holy shit if I read one more of these lame ass blogs I am going to puke all over myself and then I will eat it because I am soooooo disgusted reading the blogs everytime I come on here.

TIP #1
No one gives a shit about how old you are or how long you have been riding.
TIP #2
Saying you have been riding for this long or that long does not been shit since if you ridden twice in 2 years, it still comes across that you have been riding for 2 years. Garret Reynolds is an excellent example of someone that is blasting all the big shit in your face, but hes young.
TIP #3
If you are going to blog about something, heres a thought, how about having a point. Or even more, how about something that is interesting. I cannot imagine out of all the lame as comments I see on here primarily from kids who cannot even be out past curfew, that you getting sponsored or getting someone's autograph is the highlight of your life so far. Maybe it is, but keep in mind whether you talking about Scotty, Mirra, no mention of Mat Hoffman or Jay "the Canadian Beast" Miron, that as rad as they are, they are just mortals like the rest of us. There comes a day where you cannot be the rockstar on the bike and suddenly you will be judged not on your run, but rather who you are off the bike.
TIP #4
Maybe talk about something relevant like uhhhhhhh, the Dew Tour. Shit when I was 10, I had a lot of deep shit to say instead of "I got sponsored, or I can't ride." Try being bold and forming a paragraph so that people may actually connect with you.
TIP #5
Say what the fuck is on your mind. If your 15years old and you just became a freshman at your new high school, talk about the pressures of the first day and what goes on in the mind of a 15 year old in middle America.
TIP #6
Take a stance on something and stick to it, challenge people to think on their own. If you tell me that you are thinking about putting glow sticks on your bike (previous post today by someone), I would say why don't you shove them up your ass, turn off the lights, and take a picture in front of the mirror, and upload that picture into your profile. You see how that actually has some weight. If you meet Scotty for the first time, instead of marking out to him, why not grab his ass or cause some shit so someone would actually give a shit.

You probly have siblings that if given the chance and if they knew how to type, would have more interesting things to say. Whats the point of blogging on this forum if you are just going to write lame shit?

Annoyed deeply, because I thought by now with the state of the country, a recession in progress, and a changing of the guard coming soon;
I thought America's youth would actually have some real shit to say no matter what age you are. No one cares what color your bike is, and no one cares how long you have been riding unless you measure your riding career by decades, no not the trick.

Disgusted and I don't give a shit what you think, you see that was an example of taking a stand and trying to rattle one's thinking in hopes that they may spit something out that was actually interesting.

Props to Ryan Nyquist, one of my dearest friends, glad you were able to put that run together thus securing another spot for NOR CAL on the podium. As for the rest of the Nor Cal contingent that may be in the spot light now, Rob Darden, Cooke, Chad Kagy, and Kevin K.good luck boys as always. Nor Cal is always pulling for all of you here at home.



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