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just bought the last GSport ratchet after bending my animal javelin axle. I dont even ride that hard and i bent it pretty bad lol.

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its too big but not the reason you can't do a 180.

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I received stranger 4 piece thrash bars from 3ride with a hole in the bottom right weld that had rust around it. sent them back and got fit begin bars made by s&m. Needless to say i won't be buying anything stranger again, shit like that leaves a ... more »

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garbage dont waste your money

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fuck those hubs are garbage

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people are pussies dont worry

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diamond back maybe?

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That sucks dude. What hub? I would just get a new one

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get mike hoder grips, whatever ODI uses is the best IMO. just tossed my new holder grips on and it was amazing, didn't even feel like new grips. Just felt great

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out of those two kink whip for sure

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don't even waste your time with single walls. Instant regret

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Idk how it is locally in the states for you guys but what I recommend people do is look for aftermarket builds on local BMX Facebook groups if there is any or on craigslist/kijiji/pinkbike even on here you might find someone selling a solid build for ... more »

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They'll work on dirt fine honestly but if you're building a dirt whilst get maxxis DTH or KHE dirts if you want light dirt tires. If you don't mind the weight than get the aitkens. Fly tires would be excellent for a grippy all around tire as we'll

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lol this thread reminds me of the time someone figured out you can put blank titles and only some people knew how to see the thread hahahah

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Thanks dude! Im probably going to be ordering a set of s&m speedballs 2.10 or maybe some fit faf-k 2.3's once the 2.10 fit faf I ended up scooping today at my LBS wears out off transition. From my research I see you and a few others have been digging ... more »

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I'm 6'5 almost 6'6 and I ride a 21.25 BTM with 175mm cranks, 8.6 rise bars, 53 reach stem. I just ordered new brandon begin bars with 9.420 rise along with a kink high rise 53mm reach stem to help out my back. Sometimes it feels a bit small for me, a ... more »

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Thanks dude, I figured. I measured with a ruler and slammed the chain stays are 55mm lol so Im going to need a 2.15 or smaller for sure. Hard to find these days!

Started new thread OG s&m BTM tire clearance 5/24/2016 10:26 PM

Anyone know what it is? about to order dark chocolate, sand or may play it safe with black in 2.25 but they inflate to 2.28 and Im hoping that they'll have a decent amount of clearance but I feel like it will be extremely tight. I don't have many options ... more »

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get lighter tires instead of rims, as said before hazard lights are probably the strongest and still pretty light.

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anyone else?