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It looks like a GT Air from 2005 to 2010ish. I don't recall GT (ever) using headset plates though. It could be a knock off, Sears sold "gt designed" bikes under their Free Spirit brand and some of those did have headset plates.

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You can't trust the sign at the park though. My city opened up 'skateparks' to include BMX because the existing rule prohibited scooters. And since the parents of scooter kids vote, they had to allow them, and how can you allow scooters without allowing ... more »

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they removed the huge outdoor wooden section? the one where most videos were filmed and much of the creativity happened? Sad to hear that. Agree that vert ramps are too big and turn riders away. Watch the cranmer video where him and his crew were all reluctant to drop in at cloud 9.

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They probably think you look rad. I was in Shanghai at SMPand had the park to myself. I was in the 20' foot tube thingy, not even close to airing it, and there was a tour group watching me. They took pictures. Doing anything on a bike looks cool to someone ... more »

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Tighten the chain tensioners to get everything straight.. Tighten the bolts. Back off the tensioners 1/8 of a turn.

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Def'n an X1 but you are closer to 2004 than 2014. They stopped making them in 2010ish

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in the beginning manuals were called coaster wheelies.... Also thanks for the tips folks. My front end is glued to the ground. It would take the gravitational pull of 10,000 suns to get my front end up.
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Late, but in case anyone else has same problem: Your regular fakie may not be fast enough. Getting out of a 180 requires the speed of something like a hop fakie with front tire on the coping of a 6' quarter. That is the kind of speed you need to be comfortable ... more »

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The seat post can be changed, it isn't part of the frame design. If you meant seat post bolt, they may have tweaked the design in later years to integrate it. here you can see the rear end and the downtube gusset.

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27" hardtail MTB - can park it, ride long distances, and use it on trails. Get moving, decent upgrade options (#1 - wider bars, shorter stem): Better: ... more »

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haro brakeless 2012-2016ish

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Notify Shopify: They will shut em down and no re-opening

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or 270 over a hip

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Thats impressive. What was the time effort for the dirt bank parts? We have some wood trails that are fast flat clay but need some berms to really rip.

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Well, I have half a garage if that counts

Wife parks her car there in the god-forsaken winters we have here, but in the belongs to the boys....(not shown Redlne RL-20-II or the 18" park BMX) Ontopic: Love the idea of ... more »
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16" is actually the distance to the outside of the tires, not the rim size. So a fatter, taller tire will do what you want. If he is running 1.5- 1.75 (typical race width) and moves to a 2.125" he will gain about .75" in diameter. It will be a little ... more »

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Or grass. Parks often have a flyout with a 3' walkway around it surrounded by grass. Even that helps the crash, you still get bruised by the bike but you don't get sanded by the concrete

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Get the Redline and ride with you kids. Pro bmx'ers are 6'+ 200+ and ripped. They generate huge power and take massive jumps. They don't spin in the air, to the bikes aren't meant to take high side forces. But straight ahead, over the whoops, you will ... more »

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why am I only hearing about this now? is this every year? I plan to take the kiddos (who will be 8/10) next summer and be a camp counselor. I am already a hockey coach and cub scout leader so I have all the credentials and stuff. Discount on 2nd kid ... more »

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There is some neat stuff in here - handlebar grinds, no handed peg grinds, some neat bounce back stuff. A little dorky at times, but lots of new things in here to thing about....

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