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During the contest all they will do is hit that huge box, whoever does the most whips wins. Look for a worlds first quint whip. Or maybe a quad flip whip. Sorry, but it just all looks the same to me at these things.

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It's 2:20. rest is just grinds really.

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Started new thread Ottawa - The Yard indoor park is here! 2/18/2019 4:52 PM

Silent opening on valentines day for kickstarter founder pledges only. Got there at 8pm, was supposed to play hockey at 9pm...skipped it and rode to 9:45. Legs like jelly, but loved it. Great pump track and a big dual quarter section. Also a nice little ... more »

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I thought the wallride tail tap on the parking curb at around 2:15 was nice too. That last trick though. He doesn't do what you think he's going to do...

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Ryan nyquist signature edition haro with a terrible paint job. Those gyro tabs should be removable. All set for a front 990!

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Just for the record, it's called a Drive Pin style crank. Used by one piece cranks (even ten speeds and such used them). I have never seen it on a 3 piece crank before and am baffled as to why an OEM would do that. Surely the cost of the pin, and welds ... more »

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They have weekend deals throughout the winter. Like a ski resort you get a room and park access as part of the package. Only the indoor stuff obviously but you are still there. The kids are 8 and 6 so maybe next year I can go and bring them...or maybe ... more »

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why does all Canadian skate park graffiti look the same? Also cool jump, and mad props to the guy launching the cafeteria table.

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Curious, I looked up their financial reports to see if they mention sources. Turns out they (basically) went bankrupt in 2009 and got bought out by a hedge fund type company. So they are now private. But in 2009 their last filing it states: Raw Materials. ... more »

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There are rules for saying 'Made in the USA' (see The Tariffs apply to bulk steel, not finished steel. TT could import the bulk steel from Canada and as long as they ... more »

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Pretty sure it's an A but the number doesn't follow the usual GT patterns. You can ask this guy: The reason it;s obscured is the BB diameter is the same as steel, and they use same machine to stamp both. But AL tubes and welds are much fatter. ... more »

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They likley use Canadian steel - so expect a price increase there too...

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I've been to all the islands, surfed the north shore over a winter. I had a crappy mountain bike and had more fun riding that then I did surfing. Oahu and Maui (you didn't say which isle) are both very rideable, so is Kauai, but a bmx bike...not good ... more »

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I buy shoes and skateboard wheels there and they are super nice to my kids with stickers and stuff at our local Zumies. Never heard of OSS, cant be bothered to look them up now.

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Toeing in isn't just for squeal reduction. The primary purpose of toeing in was to improve brake performance. Imagine a a large rim (27" example) with a high rotational speed and a single pole brake mount (such as a side pull caliper). If the brakes ... more »

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I like wearing it. We didn't get married until late (we were 33 and 36) so for me I like the reminder, the 'tink' when it hits things and the reassurance of finding it with my thumb and knowing it/she is there. Wear it full time. Ten years now. Over ... more »

Started new thread Ottawa - The Yard is coming 9/24/2018 6:58 AM Indoor, lease signed, 265 City Center ave, design consultation was last week, hoping to open in January....

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ODI YETI are super chunky. I have them on my MTB and I don't get the fuzzy hands feeling after 1-2 hour ride as I did with the stock lock ons. The Yetis I have are not lock on. Also, super soft!

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As someone stuck in this exact spot, with this exact issue I agree. Its too easy to just 180 and miss the coping entirely. At some point I'll have to grab a full face, put on some knee/elbow pads and go for it. Some. Point. I have been working on more ... more »

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