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That manual at 1:50...cranmer-esque and then some!

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My kids (6,8) and I are visiting every skatepark in Ottawa this summer. We're up to 11 so far with a few to go this week. What we havent' seen yet is a good dirt jump set. Greeley has two dirt pump tracks but they are terrible, they were made with construction ... more »

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A mountain bike with quick release wheels is a lot easier to get into an SUv than a bmx. You'll likely need a rear seat down to get a bmx in there, but with wheels off an mtb will fit behind rear seat.

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where do i sign up? this is a joke to do compared to the old days when riders were 'employees' and had to punch the clock!

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1985 - 8' of air on 35lb bike with plastic wheels while wearing a motorcycle helmet...what direction were we going again?

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Doesn't look like the Screamer If it really was a Group 1, why would you put off brand stickers on it? No canti mounts, head tube joints missing wrap around reinforcement, actually no reinforcement of the welds at all... I think your assumption ... more »

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nothing until it 2012 Norco is working fine, had some sprocket issues and that's all I have changed. Oh, grips. Good grips are your friend. and have the spokes tightened by a shop.

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Well, back in the day...The hi-ten frames were 2nd class design and build. GT's full cro mo frames were 'proudly made in Huntington Beach CA" with beautiful engineering, gorgeous welds and deep gloss paints. There half/half's and full hi ten were made ... more »

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GT never put v-brakes on a freestyle frame (to my knowledge, on one has - they stick out to much). Vbrakes do use the same frame mounts as Ubrakes, so someone may have changed them but...GT never put ubrake mounts on the seat stays. Always on the chain

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I was at a conference (in Winnipeg, Canada) this spring and got to ride one of the new Haro Master's, while wearing a suit and dress shoes no less. It was fantastic. Chrome rims, dual Ad-990s, roller bar ends clamp ons, just smooth like butter. Couldn't

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They compensate. 44/16 is pretty similar to 25/9. the new one is a little taller, so a little faster. And no coping knocks, watching kids roll straight into a vert is freaky. I still drop in sideways... Just go used, for $200-250 you can get modern era ... more »

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That was rad! I'm 45,I'm allowed to say that. More than anything this vid makes me miss front brakes. Just not the work involved keeping them running...

Kids ar 5 and 7 and getting into it, we go out once a weekend to local parks.

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Anyway... a new modern stem and fork combo won't work on that frame and thus a new stem won't work either. You can get 1" threadless headsets but they cost much more than what you paid for the bike... I went down that rabbit trail trying to go threadless ... more »

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Sprocket #2 eaten by...maybe poor chain alignment, to be determined:

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(Following up in case someone else has this issue) Thanks - this was the issue, in a weird way. The red sprocket was really bad, loosening the chain so much it was skipping the chain stays and then binding tight. So I grabbed a new sprocket and my LBS

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So he took a prefectly good full 4130 cro-mo frame that many kids would love to have, and destroyed it?? I watched 4 minutes and shut it off. What a stupid waste. I don't see this guy ever being sponsored. Who wants this clown to represent their brand? ... more »

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Well I wish it was that easy! I removed the spacer to show the damage on the sprocket. As you can see, the old spacer looks great, it's obviously made of tougher stuff than the sprocket itself. The new spacer that came with the new sprocket is mounted

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So last summer my front sprocket went wobbly - the chain would tighten and kink at the same point of rotation. I took it off and the hole had been chewed out,competewith little spirally aluminum bits. No amount of tightening would fix this. So I out

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