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The plastic bar on top is just resting there...wont case. Simple design. I still think it is easier to learn up onto something then over something tho.

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With two kids an R8 really wont work for me. but this does, it's the Clubman S (ie wagon) edition. 6speed manual, factory turbo. Our bikes are it's only fitting! I have another rack for the big kids bike, and the smaller ... more »
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This so much. Start with 1", front wheel up, roll, back wheel up. As you go faster the time between front wheel up and back wheel up gets shorter until it is one motion. Then work on height 2" next. I've taught kids to do it on the flat grind platform ... more »

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This thread is gold too: And confirms my back of the envelope math that 55' is not going to work

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We bought in Aug 2015. Also got permission to use the yard for play time. Rent a bobcat too, because moving 25yds of dirt by hand is a forever project! To avoid the patio, I had a 55'x30 space, and when we mapped it out it was too small for a pump track, ... more »

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I didn't know we had 1 1/8 threaded. Generally the move to 1 1/8 was accompanied by the move to threadless. This picture, from the Park Tools page IP1 linked to is the threaded headset pieces, in order from left to right is top to bottom. ... more »

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I love that they aren't 'Ubrake mounts', they are 990 lugs! Throwback time, and a tech-77 to boot!

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Cranmer is more photogenic with a broken back and giant freaking scar on his head than I'll ever be. Sheesh.

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There's an 1979 sears supercycle F&F in Sparkle Red hanging in the garage. It's tiny and made of skinny tubes...

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Didn't know airborne was doing those...your video has a lot of bus seatback and not much riding...You should edit it down a bit. You also need to plan your action shots/tricks, and do them a few times to take the best one - would be nice to see whoever ... more »

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Pretty sure it's an 88 - first year of the Vertigos. $50 Unless you find some collector who for some reason wants the lowest end GT of the day, then $250

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My 7 yr old is on a 18" Norco Diesel. 5yr brother is on a 16" Haro downtown...lots of 16/18 available these days.

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Although some the Stolen Stereo or Casino could work. Not a cro-mo frame but decent enough at those prices.

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I can't recommend a $200 bike I recommend you buy used.

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might be showing my age here...but the "sabre saw" refereed to in the Thrasher article is now usually called a Jig Saw. So it's a Jig saw you need to cut the curves. Also, not a reciprocating saw; you would need to be pretty damn good with a rec saw

... more »
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You need the things that screw into the frame holes below your headset. No idea what they are called. Those hold your lower cables. if your frame doesn't have a pair of holes on each side below the headset than....

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Best video to find your mistakes...

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If you have brakes already, a Gyro kit will include everything you need. if you don't have brakes already, you still need an actual brake and a lower cable.

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Video seems to be in order of better and better runs...nyguist 540 barpsin 6' up to kris Fox 8' of no handed air to Larry Edgar who...well that ends that debate, doesn't it? (vids always plays fine win8.1, Surface pro 3, chrome latest)

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