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Reply to Deleted 2/2/2020 10:21 AM

But won’t only one size fit into the frame?

Reply to Deleted 2/2/2020 2:09 AM

Haha, that’s what I thought but I wanted to make sure.

Reply to Deleted 1/29/2020 10:21 PM

Cheers, should I just be able to pull the bearings out or will they be in there tight?

Reply to Deleted 1/29/2020 8:32 PM

Yeah could be, when I first got it there was no grease on the spindle so I had to do that. So there’s prob no grease on the headset. I’m not to sure on how to take out the headset and what to grease tho.

Reply to Deleted 1/29/2020 8:29 PM

To the first question yes they do spin freely. And how would I clean/ re grease it. And it’s a gt Albert mercado team comp 2019.

Reply to Deleted 12/26/2019 12:26 PM

It started after I’ve taken the wheel on and off a few times. It’s only a very small amount of play, maybe nothing to worry about but yeah. And what do you want photos off.

Reply to Deleted 12/25/2019 6:35 PM

It’s a cassette

Reply to DIY plastic pegs 12/8/2019 1:43 AM

Aye, I live in nz too what part you from? And I’m getting a bmx soon and are going to get pegs and I want to get plastics but I’m gonna get metal because there’s no where to get sleeves from in nz and fuck paying for sleeves and shipping every time i ... more »

Reply to Deleted 12/7/2019 2:57 PM

Yeah that’s true he rode his complete for a bit for videos and advertisement and now he rides a different bike.

Reply to Deleted 12/6/2019 10:55 PM

I’m pretty sure it’s just the front end but I hope your right.

Reply to Deleted 12/5/2019 4:09 PM

Yeah, that’s true but won’t it make other tricks and stuff harder?

Reply to Gt bmx bikes 11/19/2019 4:02 PM