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Haha! Man I’d Love to mess around at some DIY spots, parks, and streets with a bunch of guys my own age! Would be good times!

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That’s kind of like my situation! Haha! Well I tried buying my son a Redline or Diamondback way back in 2010, cause that’s what I remembered being The bikes to shred on as a kid, but my kid was like, “dad no, that’s like old style.” WTH?! Haha! I felt ... more »

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Hey kids (creepy)- I’m an old ass 41 yr old, and the BMX bug just bit me once again since I was about 9-10 years old. I guess that resurfaced this past summer at a family camp weekend, when my college-aged son couldn’t make it, so I took his 2010 FIT ... more »

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Hey I’m just wondering and wanna throw it out there, if anybody wants to get a group together in San Bernardino area, and actually find, dig, build, and ride a dirt jump spot around here? I don’t care who you are, intermediate rider or complete newbie- ... more »

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Wow! Old ass post. Glad I found this. I’ve been bouncing this around my head for a lil while, as I’m an older guy trying to learn. Good info, thanks.

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I don’t know about people saying 24”ers are “cruisers”.. I’m trying to shred the F outta this!! It’s fun
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Odyssey Aitken tire?

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Free Agent. I know my Ratio is chromoly. Not sure if they sell the frame alone. They should. ?

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