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shadow attack stem in red trade for one of your dk stems?

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One Size FITs All's Verde
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hey ill take that stem bro. text me 978-518-0360

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perhaps. it would depend on other offers. how much lower does that stem make your bars? like if i have an 8" rise, would it make it 7.75 or something like that?

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Looking to trade this paintball gun for parts, or just straight up sell it for cash. Not really looking for any parts in particular, so if your interested, just tell me what your willing to trade. PICTURES

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ill trade you a Shadow Attack stem in red for the demo stemand the halflink

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Looking to trade or sell a Red Shadow Conspiracy Attack stem for another stem. Preferably something longer then 50mm and in Red also. Maybe a top load. offer up

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I have a stock Fit fork that came with my Fit Tech 1 if you want that, you can have it for free